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  1. stupid shader question and alpha transparency

    that worked! Thank you!
  2. Hi, I'm not a shader guy, this may be really stupid. I have a texture of a butterfly that gets mapped on wings. I have a ramp in the alpha to make them more transparent over the span of the wing. some of the default shaders respect this, but I am not getting it in the alpha of the render in the mantra render window. Am I missing something? Would a kind houdini stranger send me back a scene or shader where this actually works? Thank you! texture lives here: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1154467/dogfacebutterfly_tangerine.2.tif
  3. We're a td short on a couple movie projects wrapping up. Particles, particles, particles.... Please send reel links and resumes to jobs@assembleco.com Thanks! Mauchi www.assembleco.com
  4. Local Particle Attributes For Creep

    found something in a bit of hscript tucked deep in somebody's archived mail: $POSUVU $POSUVV Leaving it here for future reference. If you search for $POSUVV in the docs it does take you to the creep page but there's no reference to it there.
  5. Hello, the creep pop adds some attributes to a pop: posprim and posuv[]. The docs don't seem to have what these are in the particle local attributes. I can get the posprim as $POSPRIM but haven't had any luck getting the local attribute for posuv. tried things like $POSUV1, $POSPRIMUV, $PU, and some things I pulled randomly out of the phone book. Does anybody know how to get the value of posuv? Thanks!
  6. Attribute Transfer Primitive Uvs To Point Uvs

    Oops, I was a little fried when I posted this, I meant primitive and point normals, not uvs. My goal is to scatter a bunch of points and when geometry is copied to those, they'll be aligned to the faces from the original mesh, like buttons on a shirt. The normals that come in with the scatter don't give me that result. Here's a scene Thanks! Mchi normals.zip
  7. Here's an attribute transfer question: I have a deforming poly mesh, I've scattered points on the surface. I'd like to transfer the primitive uvs of the deforming object onto the scattered points so that I can copy geometry onto the points with the z pointing like the faces point. What I get by default is a transfer of the point uvs to the new points which don't always point the same way as the primitive. Thanks! Mchi