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  1. Hi guys,I try to creat the displacement In arnold metarial ; But the UV is also distortion,here is my hip file~ If you have any method or suggest , hope can help me,Thanks! arnorld_displace.rar
  2. I import a animation model from maya and crack it now I want put the animation back,but it's not ok for the rotation you can see my attach file Can you help me to fix this,THX All! od_force.zip
  3. A flip question,I really have no way

    I'm on a more specific question need help I creat a direct field to drive the flip and creat a collision obj there Now when the collision happened ,By the collision of particles do not affect by the field How can I do this THX~
  4. A flip question,I really have no way

    I need do a project like the Attach File I creat a field in sop,But the results are very unlike the water and not natural Any one have good idea?THX very much~
  5. how can I get more detail for pyro?

    I just want to get more detail for this pyro sim,I try to set a high res sim,but it's not work;Anyone have good idea?THX! Oa_01_28_00_v003.rar