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  1. Hi, how to use a fbx rop inside a Hda ? whatever path I put in export section of fbx rop will be gone after I save the hda and load it back . I want it export some geometry subnet which are inside the same hda. Thanks
  2. evaluating display flag in OBJ level

    the interesting part is we can use setDisplayFlag but we don't have something to getDisplayFlag and thats where I stuck
  3. evaluating display flag in OBJ level

    Thats exactly my problem, I get this error The attempted operation failed. Traceback (most recent call last): File "hou.session", line 4, in <module> AttributeError: 'ObjNode' object has no attribute 'getDisplayFlag'
  4. evaluating display flag in OBJ level

    Thanks to replay, although I think I wasn't clear enough, I know about boolean things (..at least ) but I want to know how to get the display flag status of a node and store it's value in a variable then pass it to another node's display flag
  5. Hi, I know how to check display flag in sop level by python, but how can I do in obj level I want to write something like this so it checks box 1 display status and apply that status to box 2, import hou box1 = hou.node('/obj/box1') box2 = hou.node('/obj/box2') box1.setDisplayFlag("EVALUATE DISPLAY FLAG OF BOX2")
  6. Thanks. Ok i will try that way. So i can not use the generic instancing method in redshift as same as mantra to control time.
  7. Hello, I have a walk cycle want to distribute on a land using instance method, using redshift. how can I make the walkcycle in each instance have a random offset in time? Thanks
  8. Hello, I have some cubes simulated falling down on the ground, I cached them and by for each loop isolating each cube, extracting each centered point of each cube's surface and copy a font node to these points all seems good on frame 1 but the font is spining around normal of center points , "the normal is fine", so do i need to define up vector aswell to stick these fonts during all frames ? if yes how to make up vector and if no need up vector what is the proper way for these situations ? thanks
  9. nice one, very clever
  10. fore each loop question

    @Kiryha, Thanks I will try that way, @Andrea, I am using that network inside a digital asset, can I use wedge method inside an HDA ?
  11. What a intersting question I just got the same problem .
  12. fore each loop question

    Hello, one question, I created a fore each loop network and for each iteration I want it simulate one peiece from input and write the result on hard disk...seems easy but for me not too easy, please give me some guide I already created a meta data node and used its iteration number included the file name output in a rop node (inside the loop) but it seems it always record the first input result. how to do it ?
  13. Displaced Tubes

    Hi Atom, the link to displacement and ao map is broken. could you share it again? thanks
  14. Linux Mint pros cons

    Just to check if you found high temperature issues on your GPU while rendering with redshift, I am on centos 7 now and my card in idle mode is around 50 while in windows 7 it remain around 30. any app to install to manage the fan of vga like what evga or asus provide on windows?