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  1. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    so set a shortcut for it .. I have "auto update" on alt+a, and "manual" to alt+shift+a - and no complaints here.
  2. Basic switch solver question

    this works... working_scene.hip
  3. you - are a genius ! yes, I guess it makes sense...the opengl takes care of volume display only, and doesn't now how to interpret the fields + we are only seeing them in the viewport as is BECAUSE of a vis op on the pyro object..but why that wouldn't be captured by the opengl directly since the flipbook gets them for free, and you'd have to reinvent the wheel like this....anyway - it works ! great job.
  4. Flip Fluid center point collision

    ($F >5) && (length(v) < 0.01) you need some basic houdini knowledge before jumping into complicated stuff, or else you will get more plroblems down the road that could have been avoided by simple work methodology...
  5. for one - yest it can - I tried the openGL rop in a scene with a pop sys, geo, and pyro, and it rendered them all the bad thing is it does not replicate the "viewport look" precisely, like flipbook does - so it sees your smoke, but without lighting or color detail...just a plain gray smoke - if you can get it to work, please update - I need it as well...
  6. Mantra Error !!

    you have mblur enabled motion blur tries to get frame 0 but doesn't find it ? timeblend with keep first frame 1, and see if that was it. same thing if you are motion bluring a fouid source
  7. Move UVs per Copy

    you can use a rename attribute, and change uv2 to uv, uv4 to uv, and use it like that to see another uv set the same way, you can use the uv texture, and then rename the uv attribute to uv7832 or whatever you like and attribute copy it to your already existing object, aka merging it to what you had.
  8. id to PT

    sort node, by attribute, id - doesn't this work ?
  9. rbd fractured object, and take down to 0.2 the feedback scale...
  10. I am doing it from the gear icon, not per parameter like you are suggesting... and it appears to be the exact problem... I saved per parameter with right click, save as default values, restarted houdini, no go saved from the GEAR icon >> got a "saved to bla bla houdini config bla" message >> restart houdini >> it works....
  11. what @acey195 said - link up your spare parameter, and then go to the gear icon - save permanent default. now every time you lay down the line node, it's going to be setup as you want it I have several of these - blast node with delete nonselected checked, so I usually isolate instead of deleting; group node using `strreplace($OS, "group_", "") to have automatic group naming, etc
  12. instead of your multiple if statements why don't you use a float ramp for each of the uv.x and uv.y values ? should do the same thing (but be more artistic driven, and more flexible than hard coded values) especially if the input is normalised...
  13. speaking of openGL rop - I am trying to get previews working like this : after setting up a dynamic sim that needs to run for a good while, chain link an openGl rop, si per each simmed frame, you get a preview frame, (ala flipbook). Works for particles, geo, and volumes BUT - when setting up a simple fireball sim, it captures a grayscale version of the volume, even if the viewport is more colorful... Looked through all the options, but non unlocked the flipbook look... So what I am trying to do is flipbook (exact vieport capture), while the cache is being created, one frame at a time - and since the output would be a dropbox shared folder - I would be able to monitor status at my conveniance.... There was a mention that for high transparency MATERIAL SHADERS should be used - but I don't udnerstand what that is reffering to...I just dropeed an off the shelf explosion that has a fireball shader already on...anyone dabbled into this ?...
  14. @icarus - I knew that one, I just didn't want a special object for this purpose, that I would need to link the cam @malealexander - YUSSSSSS - that did the trick, thanks mate ! quite a hidden gem
  15. Is there any way to display in the viewport the current frame number so the flipbook would catch it ? Or any other way that it would be embedded in the flipbook as it's being generated ?