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  1. Ragdolls explode

    The only way to adequately simulate custom characters, it capture your mesh to the standart biped character ((((( then there are problems with connecting third-party fbx animation clips
  2. Ragdolls explode

    if you re-capture geometry from the shelf, the result is also bad
  3. Ragdolls explode

    Hi, there was a similar situation, the character's legs fell off during the test simulation, the problem turned out to be exactly in the collision layer. but there was another problem, the bones fall normally, but the skin starts to work incorrectly. There are no such problems with standard Houdini characters. although rig is very similar..
  4. if need to get name uplevel node...? like this: `opname("../.")`
  5. I import model from maya in *.obj with uv to houdini. Then export model in *.obj from houdini and open in maya. if uv was vertex type, then in maya all uvs are cut separate. If uvs was point type, then all uvs are conected.. uv are broken in all variants How I can export model from houdini and hold original uvs?????