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  1. Hair and fur Houdini 16 animated geo

    Hey marty, It's working. Thanks a bunch. Lot of things did changed from houdini 15.5.
  2. Hair and fur Houdini 16 animated geo

    Hello marty, Thanks for your reply.I will try.
  3. Hello Guys, I don't know if it has been discussed before but I am running into issues while trying to get hair and fur working for a deforming animated geometry. I am giving the new hair tools in Houdini 16 a try but it's very unstable. Everything works fine with a static geometry. But the guide hairs are jumping around and twitching all around the places on an animated mesh. Everything is normal : my mesh has Uvs, normals. No topology changes either. I can't find any additional information regarding that issue and I have watched the masterclass from SideFX. I have tried looking at the scatter point option in the groom attributes and when I set the relax iteration to 0, most of the curves don't jump anymore but i cannot control the distribution anymore..... And some curves appears out of nowhere. I am running out of ideas. I hope someone would be able to help me quickly on this as I need to integrate it for a project Thanks again
  4. curve hair randomize density

    Thank you. I am running into a problem. Whenever I apply some dynamics like a wind force or something like noise,some hairs go crazy and keeps moving. I am wondering if someone knows about a solution for this.
  5. curve hair randomize density

    Hello everyone, I am running into a small problem. I am using the hair system from Houdini and it's my first time doing it. I am wondering how to generate grass based on an attribute (color for example). I would like to put more or less grass depending on the position, like a patch. Like create density randomeness. Thanks
  6. Hello guys, i have a problem about a flip simulation with fast moving object. The distance the object is travelling between two frames is very long and I can't change its animation (spoon moving with liquid on it). I tried increasing the substep 2,4,8 but no luck.... I have fluid leak (fluid losing volume) and it does not collide after that. I am also simming with high viscosity. Any help (trick ?) is welcome. Thanks.
  7. Cheese melt

    Hello, I am trying to make a cheese melt, make cheese flow. Anyone know the best way to proceed ? FEM, Fiip, wire ? Any idea is welcome. I put picture as reference Thanks
  8. Exhaust

    I am using pyro and combustion for the smoke and by sourcing my particles with a fluid source. How would you add density directly ? Sorry I am still new to that pyro stuff.... I can manage to get fire emitting continuously with still emitter but with a fast moving particles, it would just stop emitting. I noticed that the temperature, fuel and heat channel cools down. Is there any way to keep the these always high and constant during the animation ? Thanks
  9. Exhaust

    Thanks working like a charm. I manage to create a good particle sim. Now I am struggling with creating the look of the fluid. I can't seem to get fire at the tip of the exhaust. The fire always seem to emit at the start then die quickly. I would like to keep emitting fire continuously. Any tips ? The fire in my sim is emitting at high temperature. I always seem to get high temperature only at the beginning. Maybe this picture below is a good example of what I want to achieve. Basically fire and then smoke.
  10. Exhaust

    Actually there are multiple exhausts (around 10) so I guess I have to make one sim and duplicate it ? It last quite long (around 50 frames). What do you mean by "engine space" ? I have tried simming particles first because as expectedI need lot of substep for the fluid to follow... I have some reference of what I want to do. Basically lot of fire at ignition and smoke. I'd like to create the same effect except I have multiple exhausts. Thanks for your reply
  11. Exhaust

    Hi everyone, I would like to create an exhaust effect from an engine but I don't know where to start. Any ideas are welcome. The engines are moving at quite a fast speed so I am wondering. Is it better to start with particles and emit from that or directly emit smoke ? Then I would probably have to increase substep tremendously so I don't think that's a good solution... How would you proceed ? Thanks
  12. Flip integration

    Hello guys, I need to integrate a flip sim on an ocean surface but I don't know where to start. Basically, I use flip for splashes and ocean spectrum to take care of the static parts. I have done ripple sim with the ripple solver and I ray the sim on a still plane. I then applied a spectrum to get waves. Now I am trying to integrate my patch of flip sim into the surface. That's where I am struck . How to match position between my spectrum and the edges of my flip sim ? Also I am wondering if I doing it right siming ripples before the splashes. Any help would be welcome Thanks
  13. Rivelet

    yes exactly.... The rivulets on windows. You got a nice one here. Congratulations Is that a custom noise setup you used ?
  14. Rivelet

    Hello, I am trying to create some rivulets flowing on a window and was wondering how to proceed. Anyone have an idea on how to achieve that kind of effect with POP ? Trying to sim particles and use VDB mesh but can't get that kind of streaky and noisy look Any advice is welcome. Thanks
  15. Air bubbles underwater

    thanks j00ey. Very useful link