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  1. assets handles

    hi, I have made a really simple object level asset. i tried creating the handles in the Type properties dialog for rotation, translation and scale but when i press W E R on the keyboard it doesnt switch between them, how can i set it up to switch to the correct handle when i press the keys on the keyboard? thanks in advance amir
  2. squence blend inputs

    perfect just what i need, thanks a lot
  3. Hi I am wondering if a sop which accepts more that one input (like the sequence blend sop) stores the amount of inputs it currently has wired into it, that can be used in an expression? thanks amir
  4. Teddy Bear

    just thought i would share this teddy WIP: -amir
  5. Moth

    it was all done in houdini, and will try and put a better quality version up soon.
  6. Moth

    this is a project i worked on as part of my masters couse in bournemouth. its about the birth of moths:
  7. i am havin problems matching my houdini to a photo that i took, i tried reading the help section about matching a virtual camera to a virtual one: and i am finding it hard to understand the relationships of the formulas between the virtual camera and the one used to take the picture. here is the meta info of the picture i am using: how does this relate to the formulas? thanks amir
  8. could be i am using build 8.1.704 right now. i will have a check. thanks.
  9. i have downloaded mario,s example file and the sphere still renders without motion blur when i rendered with raytracing: is there something extra that i was meant to do that i have missed? amir
  10. Connecting Points Together

    hello, I am just wondering if there is a way to connect points that are scattered randomly in the world to end up with a sort 3d wire mesh? thanks in advance. amir
  11. Hello, I need to convert a polygon object like a box into just its curves, like when its viewed in wireframe mode. How do i do this? Thanks in advance. amir
  12. Matte Painting

    hello, here is a really short project i did in a few days as part of a matte painting project for my uni. I know there are a few problems but i only had a small amount of time to do this, hope you enjoy: amir_masterclass_medium.mov
  13. Painting

    hello, just wondering if there is anything like a clone tool, similar to shakes quickpaint in Houdini? thanks amir
  14. Rendering Artifacts

    hello, i am having a problem when rendering lots of hair in prman. I keep getting random frames with lots of black spots on the hair and i dont know why? i have attached one of the rendered frames of the hair. Has anyone had a similar problem or know of a solution? thanks in advance amir
  15. Attributes To Shaders

    thanks for the explanation