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  1. I get an error when saving file

    There's no way to fix it?, I mean fixing mantra material
  2. I get an error when saving file

    When I ignore it, after 10 - 15mins it (excuse the word) fucks up my viewport, it gets freezed or something weird stuff
  3. I don't know what to do :S please help im on Houdini 12.5.469
  4. Hahahaah thanks, I thought I was doing something wrong, Also, Mangi can you help me with my problem with "pw_mGeo" ? (my post on top of urs) Or do I have to make a new thread?
  5. Lol I downloaded it and can't get it to work, I do everything wrong I guess I did: 1.- Downloaded 2.- Put the folder "pw_mGeo" on \Python\Lib\site-packages\ 3.- Open Maya 2013 x64 4.- On script editor write: import pw_mGeo pw_mGeo.show() 5.- Executed it and doesnt works (I used both, MEL and Python
  6. Oh I just understood what it meant, thank you guys, that's an Alembic bug or what? theres another problem, so I just tested it once and it worked like a charm but then I tested it again in a new scene and I get an error with the same .abc file that just worked I attached the alembic file that is giving me problems. I exported the particles from Houdini 12.5.427 and imported to Maya 2013 x64, and I did exported from the frame that I had particles (I will link the file from my dropbox because this Forum doesnt let me upload .abc) Alembic file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nxjb0gi6tkk0goj/Alembictest.abc
  7. pclaes Nothing worked Solitude Sorry I didn't understand completly, I speak spanish and it gets dificult any of you guys could setup a .hip file with a Alembic ROP setup to export particles?, It would be the easiest way to me to see my error. I really appreciate help thanks
  8. So I setup an easy Particle system on Houdini, and when I try to Alembic it doesn't works, just FBX does. Can anyone please make an easy Houdini file with all setup for Alembic ROP a particle system?, so I can see whats the diference between it and mine. (I cant share mine because the source is a Bgeo sequence of 360 files) Im on H12 and trying to export alembic to Maya 2013 x64