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  1. Thanks Alain, I'll try to check them out
  2. Hey, here's my take. Your scene is pretty intricate so rather than trying to understanding it I made my own version with just a handful of nodes. Hope it helps. untitled_aoc.hipnc
  3. The problem is that you don't have vertices, so switch to point class in the uv texture SOP and your image should show up.
  4. You can plug your S and T values into a float to vector, and then its output to the uv input on the texture vop
  5. Hi msaricay, I hadn't seen that technique to deform a car, pretty nice trick. May I ask where you got it from ?
  6. Group SOP Or in a wrangle you can type: if ( whatever ) i@group_mygrp = 1; There's the group expression Sop too.
  7. I haven't had the time to try it in 17. Here I was testing lighting volumes, there are some vertical artifacts I couldn't get rid of.
  8. Will certainly do. If I get this working you'll shit bricks
  9. Duuuude ! you're the man ! I was ready to ditch houdini and go straight to a full-code solution! I'm gonna need a few hours to play with this after work. Thanks. Nobody else tried to get servos working before ?
  10. stick.hip Oh thanks, that sounded pretty promising, but upon testing a couple scenarios I couldn't make it work. I'm attaching my basic hip file, hoping you guys could take a shot at it. What I'm looking for is for it to behave as it had a servo driving the angle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bu3SPwzcocU
  11. Hi all. I wanna have an RBD setup like this: youtu.be/yQlh_4dnZfM which I do, but then I need to be able to set at will this angle, while the simulation is running: For example, start at this angle, 180. At frame 10 start turning towards 150, at frame 15 lock at 150 degrees. I tried a combination of hinge and angular constraints but it's not behaving correctly.
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