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    Great Pyramid of CheOPS
  1. Autonomous behavior

    Great stuff !! That's the best First post i have ever seen on this forum!! Cheers
  2. How can I make ghost effect

    check the attached file simple_ramp.hipnc
  3. Finished Yogurt Animation/Simulation

    Great stuff!! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Waterfall rendering

    What do you mean by a slightly different motion? I mean since the simulation is coming out of real flow. Do you mean slightly different motion blur setting? Cheers
  5. Nurbs point

    hey buddy, can't really understand what you're after. Elaborate please on the effect you're after and the problem(s) you're facing. Cheers
  6. HOT Displacement Shader

    Ok .. By looking at a vop displacement sample provided with the toolkit, it looks like i wasn't using the vop correctly. Problem solved cheers
  7. Hi, I created a simple VopVexDisplacementShop and used the HOT_Ocean_Eval vop to create a simple displacement shader. Surprisingly it renders a black image and even no alpha channel is present. Is this a bug in HOT or a bug in my head Here's a hip file: HOT_displacement.hipnc Cheers
  8. Thanks! works like a charm! great work man! thanks again.
  9. ok the dll is created but it doesn't load into houdini. I get the following error for both the ocean sop and the ocean vex Dso strange because the cleave sop seams to work fine.
  10. Alright !! it worked after i commented the #define BZ_THREADSAFE in the ocean.h file. Thank you very much!
  11. Thanks for the pointer .. turns out the PATH env variable was missing a few folders in the VS installation folder. OK so now i can compile the sample SOP_Star.C and the dll is created in the $HOME/Houdini10.0/dso However when i try to run the compile_win32.sh i get the following error and only the cleave dll is created ..
  12. Hi Drew, thanks for creating such a great tool! I tried using hcustom to compile SOP_Star.C and the weird thing is that no errors are reported and the consol says that it created SOP_Star.dll at the $HOME/dso but still the folder is empty!! Pretty weird ??!?! Thanks
  13. Anyone ??! I know that HOT seems to be a hot topic right now on the forum but, i thought i'd open a new thread just to make things cleaner. thanks in advance
  14. Hi, I'm trying to compile HOT for windows 32-bit vc8. The cygwin shell spits the info shown in the image below but, a "Houdini 10.0" folder gets created in my home directory with an empty dso folder. According to shell there should be 3 dll files in that dso folder but that's not what happens. Does anyone know what would be the cause of this problem? thanks