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  1. How to give particles random scale

    I think im starting to understand a little bettter. But how about I just send you the file so you can see what im working with. I have noticed that you didnt Instance the geometry like i did. That could be the reason im not getting it to do what i want??Ver_1.hipnc
  2. How to give particles random scale

    ok i tried finding that node but its not showing up when i search for it?
  3. So I was just figuring out how to give particles random sizes in the previous versions of houdini via tutorials but now since houdini 13 changed and they've moved the particles to DOPS, im having trouble finding a clear tutorial on how to do this exactly in the new version. My main problem is how do i use the "copy" sop when the two networks are separate?
  4. Volume Voxel Size?

    Oh ok, thanks alot
  5. Volume Voxel Size?

    Where is the Uniform Sampling tab at exactly in the autodop? i couldnt find it? And yea i understood that more voxels equals more resolution, but it should also be relative to the container box youre using, or am i wrong?
  6. Volume Voxel Size?

    Marty, Thanks for telling me the ways to find out how many voxels there are. Super helpful! No ive never played around with uniform sampling yet? know of any good tutorials? Also do you have a formula of container size to voxels i should use ??
  7. Volume Voxel Size?

    What are the formulas to figure out HIGHRES vs LOWRES simulations. For example, in Maya if the squared resolution was 100 but container size was 10 X 10 X 10 that was 10 times the amount therefore high res. But in Houdini I have know idea what the formula should be. What should the division size be relative to my container size? Also I keep hearing about how many total voxels are in the container, millions usually. Where do I go to see that number?
  8. Mantra wont render

    that was it thanks
  9. Mantra wont render

    So i'm near the end of my project and just have to render. What does mantra decide to do? NOT RENDER!! UGHHH... so frustrating. When i go to the render preview nothing shows up but a black screen. It works when i dont use my cached simulation but if i use my cached sim all of a sudden it doesnt want to work. Please help, really desperate!
  10. Viewport gets pixelated

    that was it! Thanks alot
  11. Viewport gets pixelated

    I was just curious about why sometimes I'll start off with the viewport version of my explosion looking more polished and then all of a sudden it changes to more of a pixelated version. Ive included a picture to illustrate what i mean. I use to think maybe it was a particular setting i was messing with but it seems to happen just randomly (or so i think)... Its quiet annoying, so any help would be GREATLY appreciated as always
  12. Explosion wont stop emitting

    skybar, Thank you, that was the solution
  13. Explosion wont stop emitting

    chrobak,I actually animated both of those attributes myself. Thats why I dont understand why its still not going out. I have them both set to go to "0" quite early on in the explosion.
  14. Explosion wont stop emitting

    I am trying to create an explosion, and ive messed with multiple settings, but i seem to be stuck on how to get the explosion to light u, have the fuel go up and start the smoke, but then it keeps emitting fire much like an ongoing fire. Ive included a video of it and my HIP file. FireTest_6.mov Ver_1.hipnc
  15. Volume wont render

    So im on one of my last steps on my explosion project, when i realize my volume wont render anything at all. Ive made sure there is a shader attached, there is. I have lights and a camera in my scene. Whats more weird is that it will render the simulation, but when i switch it over to my cached file node then it doesnt pick anything up. What am i missing here? Also this is the message i get when i hit the mantra render button >>>> File "C:/PROGRA~1/SIDEEF~1/HOUDIN~1.427/houdini/soho/python2.6/wranglers\HoudiniEnvLightIFD.py", line 64, in eval_envmap print shader[1] IOError: (22, 'Invalid argument') 03_17_14.hipnc