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  1. Deep Images

    Hey Guys, So I am doing a bit of an experiment. I haven't worked with DCM and DSM in Houdini much so I could use some information. I want a "Full Deep" (not sure if thats the term) of my image. I want each sample of my deep too store my rgba at the z sampled. The result should be when I DeepCrop this in nuke as I slice back and remove objects in front of background objects this reveals the pixel information behind that object. I initially tried with DCM and the DeepEXR works great but it does not seem to sample my e rgba of the object behind this. I read through the properties and tried some stuff but I feel like I am missing a step to get this result. EDIT: I understand this is prob not a standard application but is there a way to store that rgb information at each sample of the z? Any Solutions? Cheers! particles_example.hip
  2. Hey guys, After a few years of freelancing as a Houdini Developer and Pipeline Developer I am a bit tired of the not have a decent tool for me 3D artists. My friend and I decided to make something for it but I think we need to some critical feedback! We are trying to create a platform for Indie Artists to upload, review, and get paid for the jobs we do ( and handle invoicing and the office stuff). This has been a problem that has bothered us for a while but we want to see if there is anyone else out there having this problem. indiepay.io I have been working creating a cloud pipeline specifically for houdini but I need some help, my friend and I have a good workflow for working remotely with each other and utilizing tools houdini. we have pretty much created a light weight asset managment system that can virtualize a central server between multiple machines. It is still very much in the beginning but after working with shotgun, tactic, and a few others I got tired of spend hours just setting a system so my friends and I could work together on freelance projects and have a pipeline that integrated with tools like gridmarkets. Eager to hear some of your thoughts!
  3. Houdini Artist Payment Project

    Hey Daryl I was wondering if you would be willing to chat for a bit. Its been awhile since I was in your position and I would love to hear the fears/concerns and challenges you feel you have in making that gap from hobbyist to pro. If you hit up info@indiepay.io I would love to chat personally about it and see if there is something we can do yo help you and/or add to the service to make that easier! Thanks!
  4. Knitting with SideFX Houdini?

    Love what you guys are doing!
  5. Mini Houdini for iOS?

    I have been working on figuring out if the Houdini Engine can be used with metal. I would love to try to get some of the shading and light (LookDev) onto a tablet but it until I finish my current project it is going to be a bit! What feature were you thinking? for me have the ability to view bgeo in a tablet environment would be great!
  6. Hey all, The team at Psyop just open sourced their ID matte toolset called cryptomatte. I started working there a couple months ago. we are looking from some contributors for Mantra implementation for the project! anybody interest? https://github.com/Psyop/Cryptomatte Have look and if your interest hit up the team, we are eager to make this apart of mantra Cheers!
  7. Hello, I used an immigration lawyer for the first contract I had in Vancouver (4+ years ago). There is not a whole lot you gain from it (besides the ease of pain of the paperwork). For the mostly part CIC makes it incredibly easy to apply for permits and most studios in Vancouver know how to handle the immigration process. If you are apart of the common wealth or NAFTA you really have a easy time. Is there something specific you are looking for? citizenship? PR? I urge you to check out the CIC website. Its pretty straight forward
  8. cryptomatte

    Hey all, The team at Psyop just open sourced their ID matte toolset called cryptomatte. I started working there a couple months ago. We are looking from some contributors for Mantra implementation for the project! anybody interest? https://github.com/Psyop/Cryptomatte Have look and if your interested or can help out hit up the team, we are eager to make this apart of mantra and Houdini Cheers!
  9. Bgeo sequence to Chopnet

    It the point count is static. You should be able to load in the SOP into CHOPS with a Geometry Node and it should interpolate between I think?
  10. Houdini 16 Wishlist

  11. Deep exr samples loss

    shame thats a problem
  12. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    My Wishlist: Instancing: Instancing with CVEX and Mantra is great but when I have a rig that is animated and I need to control the animation through CHOPs the instancing still needs a file to source in order to randomize frames but if I need to speed up or slow down the animation I am fixed to whatever geo files are on disk. Possible Solution: - Copy SOP has a compute at render button or better template computing for faster viewport display with instance numbers past 2 mil. - Allow CVEX to alter the geometry post mantra instance at render time to allow me to blend my animation based on the instance points attributes. Right now i can only alter the transform matrix but it would be great to have that option even though I imagine that would break the efficiency VEX Wrangles and Editors: - variable highlighting ( having a cursor in a variable highlights it uses in the rest of the code)
  13. RBD make breakable question

    Good luck!
  14. RBD make breakable question

    Sweet, look forward to seeing if we can solve this later.
  15. RBD make breakable question

    Hey Cyril, I actually have never used the "Make Breakable" Functionality. My experience with testing with it tends to have yielded uncontrollable and unpredictable results. In your case mixing RBD and Packed RBD is not (easily) possible. check out this thread ( in the future I would recommended a more thorough search through the forums)
  16. Motion vector from Camera?

    Hey Petur, Sorry for the late reply, hopefully this didn't cause you too much trouble, but for anyone out there looking for this solution here it is. Petur your setup is very close. What is different to my setup is I never source the P (position) attribute into my motion vector from the globals. You need two 'getPBlur' nodes. Their input values for the time input are 0 and 1 (t0 and t1 respectively). t0 represents the position are the beginning of frame and t1 is the position at the end of frame. Next we should normalize the positions into the screen space using the toNDC node. Next we get the difference between the two position values (t1-t0). Finally, its a good idea to make the value represent pixel movement so multiple the position vector by the resolution of the camera (1920, 1080, 0). Export this out with a bind. I call my export attribute vel usually. Depending on the MotionVector tool you may need to remap the vectors further (i.e. RSMB uses 0-1 space and 0.5 is not moving.) Mantra Notes: 1.Make sure allow motion blur is turned on. 2.Turn off Allow Image Motion Blur. 3. For objects using velocity make sure to turn on Hip File is attached. MotionBlurFun.hip
  17. Trouble Weird with Mask Field

    Hey Everyone, I am trying a test with the mask field. I am trying to mask the Gas Blur solver by a volume from sops. The result should be a smooth look near the emission source and then outside the mask field you should see a bunch of disturbance. I took a look at the example attached with the Mask Field node and set my test up in similar way but for a reason I cannot find the mask field is not working. What am I missing? I get the feeling that the disturbance and gas blur are working against each other or the MaskField is being erased before it reaches the Gas Blur. File is attached and Image for those too lazy to open the network. I will be available to answer any questions. smoke_gasblur_mask_not_working.hip
  18. Trouble Weird with Mask Field

    [sOLVED] For those who were interested, here is the fix What Different: - Switch the Mask Field Dop for a straight Apply Data DOP and then change the name in the GasBlur to reference the sopscalarfield that was created ("SOPFieldMask") For some reason using the Mask Field node, the Mask Field never makes it to the GasBlur. I can't be sure if the MaskField is being cleared or not ready because its Data Type is not supported. But most likely its something I was doing wrong. If anybody has more information on the problem please let me know I am very interested in whether this is a BUG or not. smoke_gasblur_mask_working.hip
  19. Trouble Weird with Mask Field

    Hey Ranxerox, Did you mean to attach the file? Anyways all you changed was the mask field to an apply data dop?
  20. Event Callbacks in Houdini

    Can Houdini have Python Event Callbacks? Specifically when a the hip file is saved or when houdini closes?
  21. Houdini 15 Sneak Peek

    Everything looks really awesome! I can't wait to see the mantra improvements and the shader improvements in action! Does anyone know if they have a list anywhere!
  22. Flipbook Process from commandline

    Hey Guys, Looking into a way to creating flipbooks from commandline. I couldn't find to much documentation about flipbook and its underlying workings but I assume its OpenGL based so a GUI application must be running. I was wondering if someone out there has investigated this possibility and maybe found a loophole? I thought about OpenGL Render but just checking to see if there were any other creative solutions! Cheers! Andrew
  23. Flipbook Process from commandline

    Thanks Alexey! I did investigate those methods! Thanks for the info though!
  24. Mantra Error !!

    hmm I get this sometimes for a few reasons but the big one being this: Having a Solo Object Merge in a SOP Geo. This seems to cause problems sometimes.
  25. Mountain Sauce

    Hey Guys, Been working on a new piece, it still has some distance to go. Namely on the shaders, trees, and instancing attributes. I am currently working on the trees and figuring out the best way to make trees in Houdini. Let me know if you have some ideas!