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  1. Vdb to Field Microsolver

    Don't works in H16.5, linux (Debian). The compilation runs without errors, but compiled otl don't works...
  2. Hi! How do I make instances of deformable geometry with deformer (wire, lattice, …) on the surface of the animated object? I want to do, for example "hair" with a custom geometry, or algae. They should be copied in the animated surface to have minimal memory usage.
  3. Centroid - SOP

    /opt/hfs16.0.751/toolkit/include/UT/UT_String.h:141:5: error: ‘UT_String::UT_String(const UT_StringRef&)’ is private UT_String(const UT_StringRef &); ^ SOP_Centroid.cpp:1119:49: error: within this context UT_String primAttrName = it.attrib()->getName(); ^ In file included from /opt/hfs16.0.751/toolkit/include/UT/UT_Lock.h:27:0, from /opt/hfs16.0.751/toolkit/include/UT/UT_ThreadedAlgorithm.h:28, from SOP_Centroid.h:33, from SOP_Centroid.cpp:26: /opt/hfs16.0.751/toolkit/include/UT/UT_String.h: In static member function ‘static void SOP_Centroid::matchPrimAttribNameList(const GA_AttributeDict&, UT_String, UT_StringArray*)’: /opt/hfs16.0.751/toolkit/include/UT/UT_String.h:141:5: error: ‘UT_String::UT_String(const UT_StringRef&)’ is private UT_String(const UT_StringRef &); ^ SOP_Centroid.cpp:1139:45: error: within this context UT_String primName = it.attrib()->getName(); ^ makefile:57: recipe for target 'SOP_Centroid.o' failed
  4. Hi! I need to get simulation of the ocean, with waves which would have interacted with floating object (splashes, white water, foam). Ocean surface from Ocean evaluate and splashes from FLIP simulation. But there were problems: 1) Fluid reflected at the boundaries 2) Waves in the flip container do not have same shape with the surface of the initial ocean (ocean evaluate). Desired behavior of fluid has only in the boundary layer. Please tell me where I'm wrong. Thanx. ocean_test.hip
  5. Hi! >>>with this method What method? Tell how you made it...
  6. Hi! I have only 16GB and I can't compute big FLIP simulation... How to use Slice Along Line for split big simulation and compute each slice separately at local machine? There are some other ways? H15. Thanks.