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  1. flip simulator questions

    Hi,everyone.i have some question for flip simulator,on the movies, why B flip particles will cut back...? A flip just didn't no add the force(popvop)..... pls hlep me!! flip_sim_water_v01b.hip
  2. Black holes

    Hi, everyone, I'm trying to set a blackhole effect,can give me method how to make it.
  3. fake fire rnd

    wow!! thanks man.
  4. shader question

    Hi,all I have some question,Everybody use which one shader assign to blood ?? thanks~
  5. cloth to motion path

    wow,thx ParticleSkell!!!
  6. cloth to motion path

    Hey Guys!! I'm testing a setup cloth,i use grain do that,I make the curve flow force for control the cloth motion.but the effect is not ideal. I wourd like to ask eveybody what is better??Hope someone can help me figure this out.. Thanks a lot 03_sim_c_v01a.hip
  7. hi all guy,i test material shader builder(for Freeze effect).would like to ask everyone.How can output material shader builder layar?? pls hlep me! thanks all .I've also attached the scene file,test_shader.exrtest_shader.exr test_shader.hip
  8. wave layer tank question

    Hi,everyone,i have some question on wave layer tank, I use wave layer tank make the ocean.But why the process will be??. pls hlep me!! thanks all ocean_v03.1001.mov
  9. energy effect

    Hi all, I would like to ask what method can be used to achieve this effect(energy),Can give me some advice? Should use pyro of pop....other methods thanks !!
  10. Pyro motion question

    HI gey.l have ask some pyro question...How can do the Pyro deformed shape go to another destination ?? Can you give me some ideas. thanks
  11. Some problem for pyro

    Like the following picture
  12. Some problem for pyro

    HI gey.l want ask some pyro problem .how can keep the ball Maintain shape in pyro.and the pyro can keep rotate.Hope everyone give me ideas. Thanks
  13. how can creat vortex cloud

    hi , everyone. .I am learn to houdini.Do you know how to produce this effect. hope someone can help me figure this . Thanks a lot!!
  14. Wispy smoke Effect

    HI ,everyone.I am new houdini.Do you know how to produce this effect. hope someone can help me figure this out.. Thanks a lot!!