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  1. Some Selection questions

    oh please, by all means, do reply. all i'm looking for is a way to recursively select objects. gui or script is both fine. to illustrate, in maya that's as simple as: select -r "*bolt*" or even simpler, i can just use the textfield in the upper right corner.
  2. Some Selection questions

    i keep running into the same issue. i already asked there https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/69865/ and got no reply at all. hard to believe houdini fails at such a basic task.
  3. mantra start time

    after some more testing with different houdini versions it turned out that, across the board, the major bottleneck are external files. as soon as i save everything in the hip, mantra's startup times get shortened by 80% and more. quite unfortunate because it means that for every save the whole thing has to be written. the extra time that takes aside, in times of flash based drives that also means a lot more wear.
  4. mantra start time

    having another look at the log again, it seems that RAY_ProcGT takes 5 seconds. a quick search led me to this: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/hdk/class_r_a_y___proc_g_t.html#details i don't know what GT primitives are but i have neither instances nor procedurals in my scene. at least not knowingly. so if somebody could shed some light on that ...
  5. mantra start time

    i tried that already as mentioned. not an issue in my case either because, as mentioned as well, it's a really small scene.
  6. mantra start time

    i recently ran into rather lengthy startup times with mantra. here's the log: [08:34:38] Generating Image: ip (1024x768) [08:34:38] Plane[C]: 0 Cf+Af[4] (32-bit float) [08:34:38] SampleFilter: alpha [08:34:38] PixelFilter: gaussian -w 2.2 [08:34:38] VEX Type: vector4 [08:34:38] Gamma: 1 [08:34:38] Dither: 0.5 [08:34:38] Gain: 1 [08:34:38] White point: 1 [08:34:38] Plane[Op_Id]: 0 Op_Id[1] (16-bit float) [08:34:38] SampleFilter: closest [08:34:38] PixelFilter: minmax idcover [08:34:38] VEX Type: float [08:34:38] Gamma: 1 [08:34:38] Dither: 0.5 [08:34:38] Gain: 1 [08:34:38] White point: 1 [08:34:38] Plane[Prim_Id]: 0 Prim_Id[1] (16-bit float) [08:34:38] SampleFilter: closest [08:34:38] PixelFilter: minmax idcover [08:34:38] VEX Type: float [08:34:38] Gamma: 1 [08:34:38] Dither: 0.5 [08:34:38] Gain: 1 [08:34:38] White point: 1 [08:34:38] reading geometry from /tmp/houdini_temp/ifds/storage/638_165.1_000_1584.bgeo.sc ... [08:34:38] Deleting temporary geometry '/tmp/houdini_temp/ifds/storage/638_165.1_000_1636.bgeo.sc' ... [08:34:39] Load Time: Frame Wall Clock Time: 0:00:00.97 Total Wall Clock Time: 0:00:00.97 Total CPU Time: 0:00:03.55 System CPU Time Only: 0:00:01.14 Peak Memory Usage: 135.15 MB page rclm : 77201 flts: 0 # swaps : 0 blocks in : 0 out: 10 switch ctx: 13 ictx: 13666 [08:34:39] VEX Shaders Loaded: op:/shop/body op:/shop/body ... [08:34:39] [08:34:39] Thread Count: 28 [08:34:44] mantra: [RAY_ProcGT] procedural warning: Optimization not run on geometry (this may be ok) [08:34:44] Creating geometry (/obj/sub1/body) ... [08:34:48] Rendering: X(-1, 46) Y(767, 768) ... everything looks fine until "Thread Count". after that it does nothing for 5 seconds. then "Creating geometry" takes another 4 seconds before the first pixel finally shows up. so in total it takes 10 seconds everytime i hit the render button. that's not an ideal situation. the scene in question here is no monster at all. in fact it's not even a full scene but just a lookdev rig with 3 lights and one model. polycount is about one million, the geometry is loaded from external bgeos from an ssd and switching the file node to "packed disk primitive" made no difference. now this is a common situation and the usual fix is to create archives. i tried the ifdarchive rop but it made no difference. i'm not sure though that i did it right since i didn't load the bgeos created by the rop anywhere. unfortunately i couldn't find any proper info about this subject anywhere and i'm not even sure that would be the right solution.
  7. Reflection map only

    i'd like to do exactly that. creating the reflection map works fine but here comes the noob question: where do i hook it up in houdini 13?the vex metal shop doesn't exist anymore and inside the mantra builder connecting the shiny metal node to the output does nothing. EDIT: never mind, it just doesn't show up with the physically based mantras. so i guess there's no way to have that effect in combination with the physically based mantras? EDIT2: it seems that in 15.5 the mantrasurface works fine even with mantra set to the classic micropoly with no physically correct stuff so that makes for a nice mix. the reflection map generation in 15.5 however doesn't work right unless it's working differently now compared to earlier versions.
  8. houdini 7 last for irix?

    hello, good to know you didn't hear that however, i compile mozilla about 8 times a month and it's ont very hard compared to real software development... let's hope the best
  9. hello, i've heard rumors that v7 would be the last for irix regards
  10. windows remote render

    hello, i still have the problem with wnidows as a remote renderer. i work on irix and wanna use the wintel box as a slave. i tried serveral windows versions and hserver.ini settings. when i use another sgi as a slave it works well! everytime i get: Warning: remote render exited unexpectedly and on the ohter side from hserver -d: nobody is listening on the other end? please help, i really tried to solve this
  11. i3d

    hello, sure, carlos has a ramp vop. ramp vops are not very hard at all. but how can i use it with image3d?? the problem is not the missing ramp, it's the combination with image3d
  12. i3d

    yeah would also be interested in this. a ramp would be VERY nice cause rocket thruster rulez
  13. sun cloud emission

    yes, sir!!
  14. sun cloud emission

    hello, i tried to create a sun (or nova etc.) with surface emissions. i used the sphere as the emitter and made the particles quite big. now i ran into several problems: 1. i would like to have some smooth random eruptions on the surface like a real sun has. the eruptions should have something like a log an thin but broad trail. 2. the trail should also be more transparent like the rest. as an additional special i also thought about a nebula coming from the sun and doing some spiral movement... i think it's quite advanced but i think it would look fantastic
  15. hello, everytime when i try to use the win2k houdini for remote rendering from an octane i get "Warning: remote render exited unexpectedly" i tried nearly every option from the hserver.ini in /winnt/system32. the hserver loads the options correctly but it doesn't help. got no problems with irix or even linux. happens with all versions i tried (5.0.94, 5.5.30-266) !! i don't have one of those personal firewalls or similar running... any ideas? thanks in advance