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  1. i was stumped for while when i first ran into this.. think of it like this.. your wrangle works on input 0. and input 0 doesn't have the points... you are querying . as simple as that .
  2. just curious.. do you have shapematch constraints in your setup ?
  3. if i understood you correctly.. i have mocked up a file for you. you dont need an otl.. hope this is what you wanted / had in mind. colorByAttr.hipnc
  4. i want to call a method when OTL's parameters are updated . that is easily done with the callback script . this works ... hou.node('.').hdaModule().blah() but i want the same method to be called when there is an event. in my case when the (input) connection is changed. the problem is the even doesnt recognize hou.node('.').. after a trying a few different things... kwargs seem to work. but now the method now needs to take in the kwarg arguments to work .. dummy.hdanc scene.hipnc here is a test scene & hda for reference ... can this be done cleaner / better ?
  5. i am trying to add geometry into a DOP simulation in progress. but in the sop solver i cant seem to import the current simulated mesh, process it and create new geo and adding it back to the sim. i know i have the setup sorta working, because i can create arbitrary geo, and it seems to work. but when i try to access the current state of the DOP object and then create a geometry, it doesnt work... which kinda tells me i am not importing the simulated geo correctly. incase you need a file > sideFx.hipnc
  6. I have a basic dops ( vellum to be specific) and i want to add elements dynamically to the sim. in the example > case1 , i create an random line and add it as a vellum hair into the sim .. and this seems to work. case2 and case3: i want to access the current frame of The Dops sim, and i create a line from a fixed point to a point on the mesh( think lightening ) .. but doesnt work. cant seem to access the current mesh and create a line(s) and adding it back to the sim.. any tips and pointers would be appreciated. thanks sideFx.hipnc
  7. hey Ryew ! thanks for the idea using rest sop.. checked the tokeru page. and tried out the rest sop. but looks like it only saves the world position , I need to lock the points on the surface geometry( like follicles in maya, they are like rivets on the surface constrained by u and v . the rotate rest fails just when i move the points away from the origin and rotate it. thanks for the reply !
  8. i have a mesh and a number of points(on the surface) . i use xyzdist to get the closest prim and uv . how do i use this information and pin the points on a deforming geo ? thanks in advance. test file <pin2geo.hipnc >
  9. using the mocapbiped3 presets in this example... and foot locking/terrain adaptation works but tried to do it manually by selection the left/right leg joints and then creating the chop network ... gives me this ankle and toe offsets are not being set properly.. which brings me to the obvious question in the mocapbiped3 ( or 2 or 1) preset.. why is the left offset different from the right ? what is the workflow to get foot locking to work if you have a custom character ?
  10. random flipped normals

    this did the trick ! thanks !!
  11. Trying to learn more complicated VEX .. this is an example.. and the color here is Cd= {1,0,.2} as you can see below, I did a @Cd.b==0.2 and made a group .**this works ** but the question is .. how do i do something more complicated. i want to create a group with this (@Cd.r==1) && (@Cd.g==0) && (@Cd.b==0.2) but see the error, when i try >> (@Cd.r==1) && (@Cd.g==0) && (@Cd.b==0.2) ps: this is only an example. i want to do a little but more complicated VEX without a wrangle or without multiple nodes.. thanks in advance
  12. random flipped normals

    got an architectural model from another software into houdini... on closer look some normals are flipped and wanted tosee if you have a way to fix this. made a demo scene to best show the problem. thanks in advance fixNormalScene.hipnc
  13. Hi there when i am editing the delete or group node using the bounding volume tab( using bouding cube), i have noticed that at times, i cant get houdini to display the cube . Am i doing anything wrong ? and how do i fix it ? thanks in advance
  14. point sop, $RESTX, $RESTY,$RESTZ trick ?

    i did not create a rest position. can i ask, what does this 'trick' do ? what is the idea of scaling the object and scaling it back down ?
  15. At the end of Bullet Master class, jeff mentions the "age old trick" of using $RESTX, $RESTY, $RESTZ on a point sop. i did a test with a box > xform (scaled big) -> mountain SOP -> point ( with $restx. $resty, $restz) ( similar to the bullet masterclass ) in the master class presentation, after the point sop, the box seem to back to the original dimention.. in my test.. it has collapsed to one point. what am i missing here ? thanks in advance