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  1. Grouping Points in an Array

    Thanks anim but after a bit of tinkering it alludes me. I'm only getting my head into VEX, I add an inline VEX node into my VOP and type this: int [] find(arraytype array; type search), but now I'm stumped. I've basically got an array called "test_pcFind" that looks like this [1,169,513] and all I want to do is test if these three point's are part of the same array so I can group them. Any thoughts anyone?
  2. Grouping Points in an Array

    I currently have an array of points gathered at VOP level, and I'd like to group those points in to deferent group names. So for instance: [1, 34, 5] into group 1 [2, 12, 67] into group 2 I'm thinking I may need a for each... And as a matter of interest could one test if a point was part of a certain array? thanks
  3. Point Cloud Import by Index

    Hi Thanks for the feedback @fathom I've plugged pcimport into a pciterate loop but I'm not seeing anything I can use, perhaps I've plugged it in wrong? And I still need to work out how to check which point to grab attributes from... (any suggestions?) @anim The pcfind looks promising and I've managed to split out the array using get element. Any idea how to connect the dots? this is a simple scene where I've taken a L-system and deleted the lines, the idea is to re-connect the dots in the same fashion. ConnectTheDots.hip
  4. Point Cloud Import by Index

    Does anyone know how this node is used (there's minimal information about it) I'm basically looking to pass attributes from one point to another (in a solver) and I want the point that receives the new attributes to remember who gave it those attributes.
  5. Group DOP Objects by age

    Spot on ! Thank You
  6. Group DOP Objects by age

    I'd like to group DOP objects after they become active in the SIM, I dont think it should be tied into $F because I have an active value which activates pieces of geo at different times. I know that you can group dop objects by position using: dopoption(".", $OBJID, "Position", "ty") <= -3 But I wonder how you'd group them based on their "normalize age". My methodology is to add a "counter attribute" to the DOP objects using a sop sover inside the same network and then find out what syntax I'd use to access the "counter attribute" and group using that. Any thoughts ?
  7. H14: slooow groom

    Has any one else noticed that once the stroke sop (embedded in the curvegroom) reaches over 200 strokes it starts to slows down and when you are in the 300 region it becomes unbarebly slow ? Wondering if anyone has a good workflow for the new grooming tools thats production ready ? Edit: Found a workaround: https://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=37353&sid=409c3e5394652709b85d86aeb2f39b33
  8. Paint Texture Maps in COP's

    I'd like to be able to paint a density map for fur without leaving houdini. I currently have a UV'd mesh and a paint sop with a black and white map, is there a way to either: 1) Read the values of the point colours into the density map slot on the fur tool (opfullpath... or something like that) 2) Read the coloured UV map into a COP network (because essentially thats the map I need), then I can just save it as an exr from there. 3) Any other suggestions to read in geo into a cop network and paint on the unwrapped uv's (similar to the other texture painting apps) I'm basicaly trying not to jump back and forth into mari for basic black and white map updates. Thanks
  9. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    Really interesting thread... can't wait to see more.
  10. Wrangle: Reset Particle Age when the particle enters a group

    Thank You Tomas !
  11. Wrangle: Reset Particle Age when the particle enters a group

    Yes Indeed they where mismatched, thanks but the original problem persists: It looks like the VEXpression inside the popkill is not picking up the function "group_GroupName" or "ingroup()" . Is there another function I should be using? Wrangle_PopKill.hip
  12. Wrangle: Reset Particle Age when the particle enters a group

    Still no luck. Now I'm getting another error which is saying "unexpected end of file" Maybe there's another approach to this, all I'm trying to do is have particles be deleted over 1 second as they enter a new group, perhaps someone has a simpler approach? Wrangle_PopKill.hip
  13. Wrangle: Reset Particle Age when the particle enters a group

    Great thanks, but when I plug this VEX snippet into a popkill I get an error: Call to undefined function 'ingroup' I've change the group from "newGroup" to "Active" Am I missing something?
  14. I have particles from one stream being grouped based on proximity and I'd like to deleted these particles after a certain time. So my question is: How would I reset the particle age when they enter the new group? Call it old habits but I like the option to reset the age every time a particle enters a new set of rules I'm trying to assign a popkill based on age / nage, and this is what I have so far: if (@nage > 0.1) { dead = 1; } else { dead = 0; } This deletes the particles based their normalized age but it's not what I'm after, I'd like to delete them based on the time after they where grouped. Then my second question is how would I add a smooth transition or add a bit of randomness so they dont all disappear at once?
  15. Sequentially Carve Lines

    That's exactly what I'm looking for, thanks ! How would one speed up the rate at which the carve happens? And would it be possible to overlap the carve so that one line would start before the other one ends, or is that complicating things to much?