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  1. hi all The more i look at this effect the better it gets, but I'm have problems understand how to control the viscosity with temperature to the level seen in the video I have been told it looks like it was done in vex (vex isn't my strong suit) I would like a better explanation of the process it took to get such go control of lava (flip fluid). thank you http://vimeo.com/97108317
  2. Trying to understand how this lava after was done

    wow thanks solitude, and gramx The question I still have is how do I control(set) the temperature. It's cooling to quickly for me( in solitude file). What i'm trying to say is, because viscosity is based off the temperature how do I control how the temperature cools( giving it custom values). For example gramxs video shows that at the hottest level the viscosity is 25 and at the coolest its 100,000. How do I get that level of control, and is there way to control how long the temperature stays hot and when it starts to cool. Thanks for the help guys
  3. BulletSOP 2.0.12

    i have vc9 and i could downgrade to 376 if its the reason it isn't working
  4. BulletSOP 2.0.12

    i'm using win 7 pro 64-bit Houdini 13.0.380 i don't know what my gcc version is but i did download cygwin ver2.850 64-bit if that helps
  5. BulletSOP 2.0.12

    Hi all Is there a install video for bulletsop i'm have a lot of problems getting this to work
  6. Plz help with critiques/advices/tips

    Hi all I'm looking for Critiques and tips on how I can improve my work. I simulated this using the Pyro solver and open cl with the sub steps 1(min) and 6(max) and a CFL condition of 3. The hope was to reduce the ghosting/trailing that is happening with the feet but as u can see it didn't work as I'd hope. Other then that I like the effect that came out but I wanted others option on how it looks. I didn't use combustion but here are some other settings. shape tab (pyro solver) division size of .04 dissipation of .075 disturbance 1.8 turbulence 0.25 simulation tab timescale 1 temperature 1.7 cooling rate 0.6 viscosity 0 buoyancy lift 17 buoyancy Dir 0,0,-1 smoke_horse_N2_ren.mov
  7. Plz help with critiques/advices/tips

    Yes I have both the sim and the source rendered and thanks
  8. Plz help with critiques/advices/tips

    ok thanks
  9. Plz help with critiques/advices/tips

  10. BulletSOP 2.0.8

    hi all does it work with houdini 13 ???
  11. Use particles velocity for pyro

    wait i'm lose how did u guys get it to work, I've been trying to do this for sometime now i'm don't really know anything about VBD can you example a little more what you did, and can this work on animated geo as well thank you
  12. Need a Houdini master - Beam Effect

    HI all I had a question about getting a similar looking render to the Thor film, your saying we can get particle to look that solid with so few particles using shaders and and glow fx and if so can u clarify more, like beside the fresnel pass what other passes should we render out . Thanks.
  13. dragon breath particle to pyro

    HI all I'm having trouble making a dragons breath. I'm trying to make the effect from particles to pyro but i'm having problems just getting the fluid source to give me a good enough source to put into the Dop network. This is what i'm going for. 1:59 Please help. dragon_breath_Test_3.hipnc
  14. Houdini sim problem

    Hi guys I'm trying to sim out a pyro fx in Houdini but everytime I do something happens to the bego file. The file would stop growing and just come out as 2 KB but that shouldn't happen the frame before that was at 3 million KB. For the next few frames they all come out as 2 KB but then randomly the next frame comes out at 4 million KB or just stay a 2 KB.I tried read in the file to see what was happening but on the 2 KB frames there's no data.I attach the file and the video for the read in files, but the files won't work can't send the cache files i'm working with. exp_test.mov sep_17.hipnc
  15. Houdini sim problem

    I have tried without open cl same thing happens and it is only happening when I writing it to the disk
  16. Houdini sim problem

    sorry about that I'm using NTFS file system and i'm using houdini 12.5.427 and its 64-bit version
  17. Houdini sim problem

    I'm using .bego for everything.