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  1. Hi there I'm really a noob in H, so let me explain a lil what is a goal me trying to achieve. First of all - I really slow on getting into H, it is so freaking huge to me. Like new universe. So, I'm trying to use it as a fluid generator (mainly clouds) to render in Vray for max. As you might already know, there's a support for reading VDB files with some help of PhoenixFD. The workflow is really simple, but very promising to me What me trying to do - create clouds inside H, add some noises and all the tweaks and export 'em to VDB. But, the problem is that I can't figure out how to export advection noise parameters to a channel, that is called velocity inside Phoenix, so I can use VDB data as initial state for it to start simulation. Mainly to try to remove noisy patterns with real simulation. Just a lil evolution will (hope so) remove the noisy partterns that I don't like. A friend of mine told me to use VEX. But damn I'm too stupid Maybe someone will guide me through it ? Advection parameters have to be written to a VDB channel called vel.x | vel.y | vel.z P.S. This is a cloud, that I created. My first cloud btw