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  1. Hello Houdini Users, Today we celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Jeff (Old School) Wagner joining SideFX! Over the past 25 years Jeff has helped so many of our customers learn Houdini through his detailed Tech Support replies. His insightful online tutorials. And his enthusiastic live presentations. Jeff has never run out of exciting new things to show us in Houdini, (and Prisms in the early days). If you would like share your experiences of watching Jeff's classes please do so. And take a moment to wish him a Happy Anniversary! All the best, Jenny Blacklock. Technical Support Manager SideFX
  2. Side Effects Software is seeking someone with excellent communication skills, sharp up-to-date Houdini skills, and broad industry knowledge, to join its Toronto-based Technical Support team. This is a permanent, full time position, starting immediately. https://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3120&Itemid=210 This job is at our Toronto office. Candidates should be Canadian, or have a work permit for Canada. I look forward to hearing from some of our long-time Houdini champions. All the best, Jenny. ----------------------------- Jenny Blacklock Technical Support and Internship Manager 416-504-9876 x274 Side Effects Software Inc. www.sidefx.com
  3. Toronto Houdini User Group Meeting

    This is a short week, in a short month, and time is really getting away from me! Sorry about the short notice ... but tonight is our February THUG meeting Wednesday, February 20th 7:30 pm The OverDraught Irish Pub (www.theoverdraught.ca)
  4. Toronto Houdini User Group Meeting

    Happy New Year THUGs!! Our January THUG meeting is this Wednesday, January 23rd, 7:30pm, at The OverDraught Irish Pub (www.theoverdraught.ca). Our new THUG President, Jerry Corda-Stanley, will be attending. All petitions for favors from the president should be accompanied by a beer. Smile All the best, Jenny.
  5. Toronto Houdini User Group Meeting

    November is here, and so is another THUG meeting Wednesday, November 21st, 7pm, at The OverDraught Irish Pub (www.theoverdraught.ca). There will be no elections at this meeting. Just beer drinking ;-)
  6. Please use hkey to send a License Diagnostic to Support@SideFX.com. http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com...&Itemid=229 All the best, Jenny.
  7. Jason, are you still having trouble contacting SESI? If so, please e-mail Support@SideFX.com. Thanks, Jenny.
  8. Toronto Houdini User Group Meeting

    Sorry for the short notice, but there is a THUG meeting this Wednesday, August 15th, 7 pm. At the Overdraught Irish Pub. Come and give us your Siggraph tales. Jenny.
  9. Toronto Houdini User Group Meeting

    Another month, another THUG meeting This Wednesday July 18th, 7pm, at the OverDraught Pub (www.theoverdraught.ca)
  10. Greg Hermanovic is doing a Touch show for Side Effects at Siggraph this year. Greg is looking for Houdini models to use in his show. Here is his discription: - something to tie Houdini and Touch together. I would like about 10 models made entirely in Houdini. But no particles, no characters. - .bgeo is fine, .obj too. hierarchies - not good. - UV coordinates yes, color/alpha yes and texture maps yes (.tif .jpg preferred). - shaders - well, the shader logic - ok, but I will have to interpret them somewhat. - no procedural textures though. - models can be real things (furnishing, gadgets etc) or non-real. - And it would be better if they are not deforming - I don't want to have to replicate SOPs doing deformations. - I would just do closeups on them, may use some as wireframe..., mix with other stuff. it's not a "showcase". ............................................. Please send your models to me at; Jenny@SideFX.com, and I will forward them to Greg. Thanks, Jenny.
  11. Toronto Houdini User Group Meeting

    Another month, another THUG meeting Tomorrow! Wednesday May 23rd. 7pm, at the OverDraught Pub (www.theoverdraught.ca) Jenny.
  12. Hi All, This is just a reminder that our THUG meeting is this Wednesday, (Feb 21st). Same Bat-time. Same Bat-place. Ta. Jenny.