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  1. Deer Modeling in Houdini ! Is Procedural Possible ?

    Thanks for the help ! In the meanwhile here is the image of the textured deer. The texturing is done in Mudbox !
  2. Deer Modeling in Houdini ! Is Procedural Possible ?

    Thanks Friend ! And if you come across any help in this regard kindly share it !
  3. Hi Friends ! Here are the screenshots of the deer I just modeled in HOUDINI ! It is Normal Box Modeling ! My question is - Is it possible to do PROCEDURAL MODELING (parametric) of Animals, Humans and other organic things in HOUDINI ? So that by modeling ONE DEER we could make variations of the same deer using parameters ( a young deer, male deer, female deer, big deer, small deer or may be another species of deer . Is it possible in HOUDINI ?
  4. Enjoy Modeling Simple Sofa Sets !

    Here are a few more things you could make with this sofa parameter . Only limited by your imagination. Here are the screenshots :
  5. Dear Artist Friends ! Here is my completed parametric sofa with all the controls. You can model any type of simple sofa by giving different values to the parameters supplied in the controls. Enjoy modeling simple sofas ! sofa_2.rar
  6. Hi Brothers ! I have just started to learn parametric modeling . I am attaching both the screenshot and the hip file. Those interested could advise me ! sofa.rar
  7. Warthog in progress !

    Good work sir ! I am also trying to learn animation !
  8. Warthog in progress !

    Here is a warthog picture I am doing . Comments are welcome!
  9. turtle for free !

    May be in distant future ! I am still learning to rig !
  10. turtle for free !

    Dear Artist Brothers ! Here is a model of a turtle which i wish to share with you all ! please unrar the turtle archive to use the .hip model ! turtle.rar
  11. Zebra in v.10

    No brother ! No zbrush ! I modelled and textured it within Houdini itself !
  12. Zebra in v.10

    Hi Guys ! Here is my zebra all done in version 10. Please do comment so that there is scope for improvement !
  13. A Dama Gazelle Modeled and Decaled in Houdini 7

    Thanks sir, for the l-system help ! I shall soon be trying to upgrade to v.10 . beyond that my hardware will not support ! Here are some of the wireframes of the model in progress :
  14. A Dama Gazelle Modeled and Decaled in Houdini 7

    Thank you Sir kleer001 for this Compliment ! Though a professor of English , I have been a 3d enthusiast since 2000 ! I have tried many of the 3d programs. Of late i found no challenge in working with programs having so many icons around. I chanced on houdini 7 and initially (just like the earlier versions of blender) I had no clue how to go about modeling. I thought houdini was poor at polymodeling but i proved myself wrong. Infact ,i found polymodeling more streamlined in houdini than in max or maya or blender. I particularly like the clip tool and the mirror tool that works so beautifully. Computer setup : AMD 64 + 4 gb ram with radeon card. For a forest , I was thinking of L-system in houdini but because of my poor maths i am unable to understand it. Could you suggest some ways of learning the L-system in houdini ? And , finally belive me , it was all done in version 7 itself. I shall post the wireframes in houdini 7 if you like ! Bye for now !
  15. Hi Guys! I am a new member. Have been modeling for some time. Here is my mantra render of a dama gazelled I modeled and textured within houdini 7. Comments are welcome ! Any advice on how i could create an environment for this gazelle in Houdini 7 ?