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  1. Hi everyone, I recently tried to create a shot with a helicopter crashing into water - its a multi stage sim. No details required as I added a Test setup file regarding this problem. To try out interactions between a detailed RBD and a FLIP sim I had to come up with a way to use dummy objects for the bigger RBD pieces, that I want to float and interact with the waves. so here is a simple test setup with two elements: 1. a static Sphere that will remain static and a participant of the simulation for the first 20 frames (representing the initial crash of the high detailed model with its Volume collider) 2. a rbd-obj Sphere that is born and supposed to start interacting with the waves to get the floating motion (representing the wreckage-dummy for the point-transform for the high detail model) Now i thought it would be as easy as feeding both inputs into the sim, deleting each corresponding to its time frame, and then just use a switch solver (I could find a number of setups on the switch solver). I got it to work somehow, though the switch solver didn't - nevertheless at Stage (2) the Flip simulation just explodes or rather the rbd-obj get thrown out of the water and i can't figure out why or how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! Lud83 Flip-RBD-Issue.hipnc
  2. Thanks everyone for the quick response! @Saber that tutorial vid was great! explained a hell lot. @Fayal Thx I know that page and I looked at it befor but my issue was more the understanding of how the parts interact and how to get access to that info so I can apply it to my projects. Things are working perfectly now!
  3. Hi everyone, I am having some hard time understanding the sopsolver especially when it comes to colliding two rbd objects. I already read through a couple of forum post and looked at the respective example files - even the included Houdini one (Torus and Particles) However, when trying to change the collision object to a simple RBD object the whole system stops working. I have no idea why and I am desperate to try to understand whats going wrong. I tried dozends of variations, I checked the detail view to see if impact data are recorded, but nothing worked. I'll upload a test object which is basically the demo from Sidefx but with some alteratoin to try it out how to use rbd impacts. Hopefully someone can explain to me how to do this. Cheers and thanks Lud SopSolver_Issue.hipnc
  4. Sorry - solved earlier version of this my post - please ignore the posted file which is from "pre error solving" (i can't delete it) Also I see you did the same error Nagareru. In your "geo1" Sop connect the "foreach" sop to the file5 Node! And your problem should be solved! I can't try it out myself (missing the import geometry) - but it is exactly the same error I did. WallCrack_TestsProblem.hipnc
  5. emit smoke color from a texture

    Hey everyone I tried downloading "emitSmokefromTexture 03" and tried rendering it with the way it was setup straight from download (houdini 13) However the result is just blackness. I checked the cache, autodop, emitter etc for possible errors, but everything is set to "go". But the result is always a empty render. Also in a further question regarding the setup. Does anyone know a way to copy the color over an already existing value? Basically I would like to have the color from the texture be present at the start but fade away into whitish/grey smoke with age/density of the smoke. So far the ways of dealing with smoke and color, that I have found, always result in the smoke turning black or like with the setup from here and with this post http://forums.odforce.net/topic/17741-fluid-with-colour-field-problems/page-1 stay permanent. I really hope someone can help me here with these issues! Cheers!
  6. Hi everyone I need some urgent help with an effect I am trying to creat. As I already stated in a different topic, I am quite new to Houdini. To my problem. I want to assign color to my smoke. So far so good. One might think as simple as using point color on billowy smoke should do (after all thats what it is supposed to do) - but turns out it is not as simple as that. So I have found a couple of forum entries regarding how to assign color to smoke. The most interesting sollution was by David Lin (Emit smoke from texture) - I noticed it also used the same way of transfering color to the AutoDop and Import Smoke DOP. However neither of my setups seem to work. I will attach my files here. There are two setups: 1.SmokeColor-Issue ...using a setup assigning 2 plain constant colors as point attributes 2.SmokeTexColor-Issue ...trying to use a texture to assigne the colors to the setup (also required files - texture, and a geometry file) In the first case the resulting smoke is simply black. Or results in false colors. In the second setup the resulting colors from the calculation to transfer the texture color result in plain false colors! I suspect my calculation is wrong. So in all there are two problems I have spent days on to find a sollution but could not fix it: 1. Smoke resolving in wrong colors 2. Texture color Transfer issue Hope someone can help me here! This issue has been driving me crazy for the last week! thanks! PS: don't concern yourself with the slightly overcomplicated setup of some things - Its a dirty workaround for the Import scale Issue derived from Maya..... unless that would cause all the problems? Smoke_Color_Issue.rar
  7. Help for "copy with time"

    Hi Ilan, thanks a lot for your help!
  8. Hi everyone I#m fairly new to Houdini, and i bet there is probably a easier way to solve my problem. So what I try to achieve: I have a curve with 10 pointsl. Now I would like to copy individual Spheres onto the points of this curve - but not all at once! I have a frame range from 160 to 180 on which I would like this effect to happen. Every 2 frames (x variable number) I would like to have one Sphere being copied onto the next point of the curve. (if $F%2, 1, 0) -> copy ..basically BUT the previous one should not dissapear! Nor do I want any others to appear. In the end after a number of frames all 10 points have 1 sphere copied onto them. I tried it with the Carve SOP but the point numbers vary and the "carve end" creates an additional 11th moving point. So this is not the sollution I am looking for. I also tried a "delete" SOP with an expression, but all I managed was the points appearing and dissapearing again. And I can#t think of any way to iterate over the curve points in a way that excludes the already copied ones. Please help! I am kinda stuck. Cheers