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  1. This has something to do with Nvidia driver actually. Rolling back far enough e.g. 355.60 (haven't tried all versions in between) seems to work. Haven't been able to figure out yet why the new driver versions don't work at the moment, since I'm sure the driver I had earlier was 362.00 or never. Edit: Actually, for whatever reason earlier drivers launched Houdini, but when checking OpenGL Renderer Houdini is using Intel integrated graphics.
  2. Does anyone have experience with getting stuck at splash screen after updating some drivers etc. on your machine? I had Houdini perfectly working earlier but started to play around with my OSVR HDK which obviously requires to install some drivers, actually loads of them. OSVR works but now trying to launch Houdini it just gets stuck at splash screen, Nuke started to do the same thing also. Things I tried already: - Upgrading and downgrading Nvidia drivers - Same for Houdini version - Deleted the prefs for Houdini. I suppose I need to uninstall OSVR drivers and programs one by one from Control Panel, but if anyone has ideas what could be blocking Houdini from starting it would be greatly appreciated!!
  3. Something like this in Point Wrangle node should work (assuming you're starting with a line of points). @P.y = sin(@P.x + @Frame);
  4. Blurring/Filtering Procedural Textures

    Neither of these really work. I knew about COP referencing but in this case I would need to reference procedural texture first to COPs and then back into the shader (possibly multiple times). First I tried blurring with For Each loop inside SHOP but ran into some limitation after which I found this thread: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/22781-dennis-albus-technical-reel-2015/#entry134933 Method that Dennis describes is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks anyways!
  5. Help a brother out, I'm getting headache by trying to figure this out. At this point assuming it's a limitation of the software. I've been getting more into procedural texturing and shading and sometimes want to blur those textures for example to use as a mask. This far I haven't been able to figure out if there is a way to blur or filter SHOP textures in a similar way you could in COPs with Blur node. I guess SHOPs can't do this since the procedural textures are resolution independent. However is it possible to maybe import the texture to COPs and then after blurring there back to the shader again. The main thing being I want to avoid writing out the textures in between, if there is a interactive solution for baking texture out then maybe that would be fine. Attaching a examle scene file with texture() blur and example procedural texture I want to blur out. Thanks! textureBlur.hip
  6. FLIP with Bullet Interaction

    Not exactly the same scene file as where the flipbooks are from but should give the general idea of the issue. HIP Example: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1gy_a4wZm8NSG90b0JjbFAyWUU/view?usp=sharing
  7. FLIP with Bullet Interaction

    Thanks for the reply Eetu! I found some posts saying that RBDs should work better but I didn't notice such a huge difference. I'll try to post a sample scene tomorrow but for now here's some tests I made. Both RBD and FLIP have Min 1 - Max 4 Substeps. No Reseeding, Velocity Type Volume and Collision Supersampling 2. Flipbooks: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1gy_a4wZm8Nd0JRUG9Jbl9GNVk/view?usp=sharing 1) Just the liquid container 2) Added Fracture RBD without gravity 3) Gravity on Fracture RBDs aswell 4) Feedback scale from 0 to 1 It seems like the more the collision objects move the more volume loss there is on FLIP.
  8. FLIP with Bullet Interaction

    I'm trying to create a effect where I have objects inside of liquid. The FLIP simulation alone looks nice but after adding around 50 Bullet sphere's to the sim the result is lot worse. Feedback scale is set to one and reseeding is turned off. Overall the interaction between Bullet and FLIP seems to be working fine but it feels that the liquid is losing some of the volume. Point count doesn't change tho. I tried both packed prims and usual geometry for Bullet and I am using usual geometry at the moment because I got better results with it. Any thoughts on how to keep the volume of the liquid same? Oh and Houdini I'm running is Cheers!
  9. Arttu Koskela 2014 FX Showreel

    Thanks for the kind words guys! Learned so much about Houdini doing these cause they were pretty much the first projects done in Houdini Sculpted the head in ZBrush cause there are no obvious patterns but the shape of the body, randomized snake scales and the scattering of the scales I did in Houdini.
  10. Just finished my mostly Houdini based showreel with work that I've done during last year! All the MPC commercial work I was responsible only for the FX, thus rendering was done in Maya. Cheers, Arttu