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  1. What is the current state of...

    We have started using Houdini in a small way for FLIP and Pyro here at Sky TV. Hoping to give Engine a spin with Maya and C4D soon. Edit: Sorry, just noticed this thread is for games creation.
  2. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    Thea Render, one of my favourite (and least known) pieces of software. Beats the likes of Octane IMHO. A plugin would be great, or even just a simple camera exporter.
  3. Best approach for cloth ?

    Thanks for the information sebkaine. I havn't even begun to touch cloth attributes, just using the solver off the shelf to begin with. I'll start digging deeper, I'm not going to give up this time . The flexibility of the Cloth Attach Constraint is what has made me keep going. it's so usefull.
  4. Best approach for cloth ?

    Hello This all sounds quite familar. I gave H13 cloth a go last year for the first time and ended giving up as it was simply too slow. It gave really nice results but the turnaround was just too slow for production (at least in TV). I'm now giving it another whirl with H14 and I am also looking for some silk fine detail cloth floating in the air. There has definately been a speed improvement but a colleague sitting near me using Ncloth has managed to do a very decent job of it in a fraction of the time. Still, I'm not giving up just yet, the procedural constraints are very usefull. So far just turned down the shear, thickness and stiffness right down and have some nice silky results pretty quickly. It grinds to a halt once I upres the mesh but the results seem very natural, especially the self collision.
  5. tiny houdini tuts

    These are great. Clear and to the point. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Octane for Houdini

    This is great news. I never really learnt to like Octane, I always prefered Thea when it came to unbiased renders. This is too good a development to pass up though. I guess I will be taking another look at the latest Octane release again.
  7. Houdini to Blender connector

    This looks very usefull. I always wanted to use Blender for GPU rendering with Houdini. I look forward to seeing the finished thing. Keep up the good work
  8. Hello, I have a very quick question. Is it possible to download previous versions of Houdini Apprentice? Thanks for your help. P.S. My apologies for posting this in the wrong section.
  9. Houdini On The Spot - Thank You Craig!

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I guess the core fundamentals of any 3D package won't change significantly, even after many versions. I'll start with Houdini Magic then see how it goes from there. Video tutorials are great but sometimes you just need a physical reference source right there on your desk.
  10. Houdini On The Spot - Thank You Craig!

    Hello Does this book have anything to offer a someone new to Houdini using version 12? I almost got hold of Houdini Magic but was told it was so far out of date it was not worth the money. Is that the case for Houdini On the Spot also?