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  1. KS_Feather

    Thanks a lot for sharing!
  2. Knitting in Houdini

    Awesome, thanks for sharing!
  3. Fluid Splash like RealFlow

    Hi. I'm using Houdini about 1 year. But i really don't know how to create this effect like Reaflow. Can anybody help me? Plz
  4. Hqueue Error

    When i using HQueue to make Client render. I always got this error message. Hope someone can help me solve this problem. Thanks!
  5. Houdini Crash width NVIDIA GTX 960

    I'm having this problem many times when i lauch Houdini with more 6 mils it's begin crash and say Display Driver stopped ... Can any 1 help me solve this problem? upload gambar[/img]