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  1. delete all but that point, cache it out, copy tube to that point.
  2. UV sets and alembic

    Last time I had to deal with multiple UV sets, FBX was the only way. ABC did not work. I don't know if that's changed as it's been a couple of years, but to the best of my knowledge FBX is your only option.
  3. Workflow for COP Velocity Blur node (velblur)?

    Here's a thread where it looks like someone figured it out motionVectors_AOV
  4. Workflow for COP Velocity Blur node (velblur)?

    I'm just guessing, but maybe the getBlur isn't working because the points aren't actually moving so there is no vel and the shader doesn't account for camera v. Have you tried animating the geo and having a static camera?
  5. Aesthetic issues with PyroFX smoke

    Your abc. file wasn't included so it's hard to know what exactly you are actually talking about. Probably you want to familiarize yourself with adding details into a sim. http://forums.odforce.net/topic/18397-get-rid-of-mushroom-effect-in-explosion-and-add-details-in-the-opening-frames I'll summarize the most important part. Fluids, as we expect to see them in the real world, do not exist in a vacuum.
  6. POPspin problem, simple?

    pop sprite has a rotate field. is that what you are looking for?
  7. I'm sorry I don't have time to build a file from scratch right now. Maybe later. Perhaps you can post your hip file and maybe someone has time to have a look at it. You can't make it work with dynamic fracturing because the point counts change. This breaks the time blend.
  8. The problem is you have a changing point count. The simplest solution is to prefracture your geo. Alternatively you can reverse engineer your final fracture back to your original shape, then time blend that.
  9. Pyro upres advise.

    I would use density and temperature only leave turb and disturbance out. That is what is going on in the video. Yes there is atmosphere, but the bulk of the velocity is coming from extreme temperature interaction. The collision object should contribute temp as well. then play with the various temp settings in the pyro solver simulation settings. I've had bad luck with the uprezer. I would just sim at high rez.
  10. I don't know if you want temp to never go to zero. depends on your simulation settings. is there buoyancy? buoyancy is affected by temp. Animating disturbance will work. One thing you can do is bind turbulence/shredding to density rather than temperature. I usually create a new field called vel_length and make that the length of the vector field vel and bind disturbance to that. You can then remap to taste.
  11. There are a few gotchas. A)Turbulence and Shredding are bound by temperature. If you have 0 temp you have 0 turb and 0 shred Disturbance is a random vector added to velocity, per block-size. If your vel in a given area is 0, or very small, then all you have is disturbance., which will create a block like artifact in your sim
  12. You can view collision geo in bullet also. The solver determines the type of collision you are using.
  13. You need to think in terms of volumes. just adding a mountain to a grid doesn't make it a volume. You need to find a way to make it "air tight" a simple, but not always effective, solution is to cookie it with a box. You might also turn up your volume resolution. Try creating a sdf iso offset to determine the optimal resolution. </\> EDIT: you may also want to limit your geo to the area that is actually being collided with.

    Do the sand animation to a static, "t-pose" arm. Use the original arm animation to deform the static sand arm. Try pointdeform or attribute interpolate or combination thereof. It's not just plug an play, it will take some noodling; that is the road I would go down. </\>
  15. Perhaps it is ignoring it because it isn't there? Have you viewed your collision volume? By default it's a blue color in dops. Perhaps your debris has no collision volume. Try viewing both to verify that they exist. </\>