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  1. Hi guys, I'm quite new at learning Houdini. I'm using Houdini 15.5 btw. So I have done my FLIP simulation and I want to transfer these whitewater particles to Maya using Houdini Engine Plugin for Maya. Alembic option is not possible due to disk file is ridiculously huge. My particle count is 20 millions. So I have conduct research how to do it, but it's really to me how to make my bgeo.sc cached whitewater into .otl file. Houdini asked me to put parameter on it, I don't really know what parameters should I put. See the picture on attachment: I press accept and load the asset to maya via Hengine and I got an error instead // Error: Asset (ID: 0): /obj/SamuelFelixEugene_subnet1 Object (ID: 0): /obj/SamuelFelixEugene_subnet1 Geo (ID: 0): /obj/SamuelFelixEugene_subnet1/SamuelFelixEugene_subnet11 No geometry generated! =================================== Node Errors, Warnings, and Messages ==================================
  2. Houdini only using 1 CPU instead of 2?? HELP!

    Wow! I will definitely check this tutorial out!
  3. Houdini only using 1 CPU instead of 2?? HELP!

    I can't even install Houdini in Ubuntu LOL. I have never installing a program using a terminal and I'm lost completely.... So I think I will just stick windows and turn off the Hyperthreading. I got a clock speed improvement from 1.5 GHz to 2.2 Ghz, not bad but I lose the core amount if Houdini use the second processor group. Oh I also noticed that cooking in houdini is very slow? Is that because all cooking operation even in DOP or VOP are singlethreaded?
  4. Houdini only using 1 CPU instead of 2?? HELP!

    Yes Professional version. The same thing happened with Renderman and Mantra. Also Renderman in Maya too
  5. Houdini only using 1 CPU instead of 2?? HELP!

    Hi, I'm using Win 10 64bit, I tried Win 7 64bit and win 8 64bit the all are the same. I tried to use Ubuntu 16 but it only shows 59 cores instead of 80 cores and Linux is too hard for me too use
  6. Hi guys, I got some problem here. I'm using houdini FX 15.5 My spec: DUAL xeon e5-2698v4. 40 core/80 threads RAM 64GB ECC The problem is when I do caching or Mantra Rendering, Houdini only using 40 threads, means half of the total threads available. I suspect that Houdini does not using any of the core in the Second Xeon CPU. This is very sad, do you guys know what causing this? any solution perhaps? Thanks in advance