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  1. Volume density based on point position and/or depth

    You could remap a signed-distance field. f@density = fit(f@density, 0.0, -0.2, 0.0, 1.0); f@density = chramp('density', f@density); volume_fall_off_test_km.hipnc
  2. Scatter without selfpenetration

    The UV layout node can do this for meshes, eg. from top. pack_2D.hip
  3. Growing geometry

    Hi Robert, it seems he animated a Voronoi diagram: int pts[] = nearpoints(1, v@P, 1.0, 2); vector pos_0 = point(1, 'P', pts[0]); vector pos_1 = point(1, 'P', pts[1]); float d_0 = distance(pos_0, v@P); float d_1 = distance(pos_1, v@P); float d = d_1 - d_0; d_0 is the distance for driving the growing circles and d is the distance to the cell boundaries. https://procegen.konstantinmagnus.de/voronoi-diagram-reveal voronoi_reveal.hipnc
  4. Pointgroup for Clip Sop Edge

    Is there any way to make the clip SOP not fuse both parts? Or do we have to deal with splitting up its above- and below-groups each time?
  5. Dividing cube into smaller ones

    Sorry Matt, I accidently set it to 'draft'. It should be available now. It's just a for loop iterating over the vdb resample-node.
  6. Hi @bentraje, you could map the surface curvature to the height field. The erosion of the landscape can then be transferred back for displacement. https://procegen.konstantinmagnus.de/height-field-erosion-on-meshes
  7. Dividing cube into smaller ones

    Iteratively resampling a voxel field and visualizing the VDB tree as cubes might also be an option: https://procegen.konstantinmagnus.de/cubify-meshes
  8. Hi Vincent, it seems to work on my side. Did you fill the image paths?
  9. Hi Burton, I've attached a more intuitive non-VEX solution. It's basically the same thing. Let us know if you have any questions. laser_cutting_SOPs.hipnc
  10. You could create a curveu attribute and add the primitive number to it. This does not consider varying curve lengths though. ap_km_etch_font_into_grid_u.hipnc
  11. Hi Burton, you could also use the clip node driven by the distance towards the curve along with a time mask for cutting: https://procegen.konstantinmagnus.de/plasma-cutting-along-curve
  12. How do you apply xform attribute info from oriented bounding box?

    Hi Mark, attribute copy + transform by attribute should get you there.
  13. Best way to modelise Microscopic Hair

    Hi Naim, you could displace grids and stick them to a sweeped curve: hair_microscopic.hip
  14. Mesh outlines

    I've just posted a written article explaining the same technique: https://procegen.konstantinmagnus.de/render-cartoon-outlines-in-sops
  15. UV cubic map procedurally

    I have just published the same article on my procedural generation page: https://procegen.konstantinmagnus.de/cubic-uv-projection-in-vex