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  1. Controlling pscale

    vector bb = relbbox(0, v@P); f@pscale = chramp('scale', bb.y); pscale_ramp.hipnc
  2. Mantra rendering

    You could simply bind export color-ramped noise as color emission (Ce). glow_lines.hipnc
  3. Cushion pattern

    Here is a way: leather_pattern.hipnc
  4. Brick house

    The neighbourcount function returns the number of points a given point (in this case @ptnum) is connected to. If it matches 8 it's grouping the diagonal crossing points.
  5. Brick house

    Hi Ted, this is what we intellectual academics would do: bricks.hipnc
  6. IK with limit rotations

    The full body IK configure joints-node can limit individual rotations and translations.
  7. adapt to shape

    You could look into the chain SOP or shape and measure the distance to the next point with VEX. bottle_discs.hipnc
  8. Twig growing [beginner problem]

    Use a resample node, activate the curve U-attribute and use that to adjust the scale. Or take the sweep node which allows scaling along the curve. Or type this into your point wrangle: float u = vertexprimindex(0, i@vtxnum) / float(primvertexcount(0, i@primnum) - 1);
  9. Minimal spanning tree

    Here is a video tutorial on how to set up a minimal spanning tree using VEX: https://youtu.be/bQBOAXe6zj0
  10. import sop in cops (snapshot render )

    There is COP node called geometry for that.
  11. Directionally orient grid

    Hi Michael, to orient the leaves set the normals to the cross product of the curve's tangents and the direction towards the sun. Set the up vector to the curves tangents, as well. For shading front and back sides just set a switch after a is front face-node. leaves.hipnc
  12. learning curve

    Hi @navdesigns, we had this already a year ago: This may also be of interest:
  13. Plastering

    I am sure there is something deeply philosophical to this..
  14. Procedural Creature

    Hi Ziyaddin, I dont think you need to decide between manual and procedural rigging. From what I have seen so far, you can combine it and interfere whenever things need to be changed. As animation artists can be quite specific about mesh topology, weighting and their rigs in general, I would probably develop procedural rigs and animations in collaboration with them and see what really works. There is probably also a lot of secondary animation that can be proceduralized.
  15. Increasing playback speed on Vimeo tutorials

    Download -> VLC