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  1. Houdini 18 Arnold and Renderman Env.

    Thank you for the answer Atom. This is my setting. Its working.
  2. Hi everyone. I have a question to you. I downloaded renderman 23 into Houdini 18. And then I downloaded Arnold into Houdini. But both these render motors aren’t working at the same time. What should I write env. exactly?
  3. Particle dissolve effect

    Hi, I have a question. How do i switch between two objects? testDissolve.mov
  4. Atom's Link Page

  5. Houdini grain solver

    Hi, I'm trying a stage on Houdini. A castle made of sand is moving upwards. After 25 frames the castle falls down and collapses. my question is that I want the castle moving upwards at one side and falling down at the other at the same time. Thanks for your help. testGrain.mov
  6. Suction Fluid Test

    Yes, Houdini 16.
  7. Suction Fluid Test

    fluid_tank.mov Hope u enjoy..