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  1. Hello everyone, I have some serious problems with the simulation time of my Smoke. Suddenly, from frame 69 to frame 70 the SDF calculation for the density source is taking for ever. But there are no major changes in the source geometry. The normal SDF calculation time ranges between several seconds but starting at frame 70 it takes 20min plus. (The source is the geometry from a fractured bulding) Where sould i start to look for a solution? Thank you in advance, Lukas
  2. FLIP with Torque

    I got some kind of a cheated solution right now with mixing Animation and Simulation. I animated the falling box how i wanted it to move and computed the velocity (with trail SOP). Then at a specific frame i let simulation took over and created the FLIP object. For rendering i only need to setup a switch sop which switches between the animated geo and the simulated flip at the specified frame. But i am still interessted in a "proper" solution using DOPs. Lukas
  3. FLIP with Torque

    Hello, i have problems with FLIP Fluids and Torque. I basicly want to give my FLIP object an initial rotation movement. The only way i can think of right now is to apply a uniform force with torque value on one axis. I testet it with a normal RBD Box which gave me exactly the movement i wanted. Doing the same with a FLIP Fluid Box does not give me the result i am expecting. (obviously i dont realy understand how the torque works on FLIP) Example scene is attached which shows the two setups. I hope someone can help me out with this Thanks in advance Lukas Torque.hip
  4. Glue System Problem

    thank you for your quick resond. sounds logical. I will trie this out as soon as i can. (working at another shot for the moment)
  5. Glue System Problem

    Hello, i have a problem with my gluesystem. It is pretty basic. I have a House Mesh with a fractured balcony. The House and the Balcony are send to DOP as two seperate Fractured RBD Objects. The balcony also got a simple Gluenetwork assigned. But when I run the simulation, the gluesystem does not seem to have an effect. Even when i make it unbreakable. But as soon as i disable the House Object in Dops and only simulate the balcony the glue works. I attached the Houdini File. The purple Nodes are the Dop and the Glue Nodes. The red Filde Node is where the HouseE.bgeo mesh is read. Hope someone can help me with this. Kind regards Lukas shot_14_HouseE.zip
  6. Hey, i am trying to create a FLIP Fluid simulation in wich i need to controll the stickiness on a per particle bases. The goal is to melt an object which hangs on a wall which, some parts of it should slide slowly down, some sould stay. I would like to be able to paint a stickiness attribute onto FLIP objects. So is there a way to control the Stickines for the FLIP by a Point Attribute? Or which approach would you suggest (My knowlage of DOPs are Basic (or a bit more )) Kind regards Luk@s PS: i also read the posts about stickiness with fields but i was not realy able to follow along or how to apply this to my particular problem.
  7. @ Novaa: I still get a complete black cube in your file. It doesnt matter whicht values i feed into the color node or how i set the range or the color (still beeing in the Ramp From Attribute section). Do you get a different color for each piece? (i already solved the group problem but i would like to understand your way with the "ramp from atrb." as well ). Kind regards Luk@s
  8. Thank you both i will have a look at your solutions. I alsou found another way with a simple forach node and the piece as atrb. value.
  9. Hey there, I want to use the voronoisplit node to cut my geometry and then i want to group each piece of the resulting geometry. But i can not acces the "piece" attribute correctly. (it seems to be an integer value) In the example file i provide you with a setup in which i trie to use the piece atrb for the red color channel to demonstrate the problem. I hope someone can help me out. This realy makes me headache. Kind regards Luk@s voronoisplit_BUG.hip
  10. Accesses Attributes in DOP

    hey, now the problem is that i can access the the attribute but the DOP network does not behave in the way i excpected. So i have my fractured cube with prim Attribute "selected = 0" and over time some of them get "selected = 1". what i want to do is to list all RBD Fractured objects with the "selected = 1" in a group and apply gravity on them. But somehow it does not work. in this example file i am checking the attribute of the prim number 11 and at frame 49 it changes its "selected" attribute from 0 to 1 so gravity should be applied. (but does not) however if the attribute "selected = 1" from the first frame on it works. (all opperation types are on "Set Always" so this should not be the problem) screenshot: https://www.dropbox....x/Dop Group.jpg regards lukas Dop Group Test 02.hip
  11. Accesses Attributes in DOP

    Oh thank you very much. I had already found some interessting posts but they kind of lead me in a wrong direction.
  12. Hey, I have a Box wich is a RBG Object and is wired up to a rigitbodysolver. now i want to access the primitive attributes on this box to apply a force only if the attribute reaches a certain value. (this is just a simple example to explain my problem) So i used the Group node in DOP and there i want to use this expression: prim("/obj/AutoDopNetwork/box/Geometry", 0,"A",0) or prim("$OBJID/Geometry", 0,"A",0) but it does not work, but why? regards Lukas Screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jibls0j4e3i7oeu/DOPgroup.jpg DopGroups.hip
  13. thanks again for your help. i am only one step away from my goal. now i only need to get the avagere color value of a group of primitives.
  14. thank you very much. nice method. I now try to figure out a way of achieving the same result but by using color tools. So i want to be able to use the "Color paint tool" and paint color automaticly on whole pieces.
  15. Hello, I am still new to Houdini and got the following Problem to solve: I got a fractured Object and want to use a Box to Group a specific area of the fractured Object. BUT I want to select only whole Pieces. In other words: If one or more Primitives with the Attribute NAME are in Box, assign ALL Primitives with same Value of Attribute NAME to Group "X". Example 1: If Prim A (with Atb. NAME = "Piece5") is in Box, assign ALL Prim with Atb. NAME == "Piece5" to Group "X". Example 2: If Prim B (With Atb. NAME = "Piece2") and Prim C (Atb. NAME = "Piece9") are in Box, assign ALL Prim with Atb. NAME == "Piece2" OR NAME == "Piece9" to Group "X". So in the end it should work for n Primitives in Box. How can I achieve this? Thanks in advance Lukas