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  1. Is there a way to render my backplate in Houdini's render view? I Maya it works with the RSLightDome but not in Houdini's render view or redshift's render view.
  2. Ilion animation and pirated software? :-/

  3. Ilion animation and pirated software? :-/

    I know Diego, worked with him closely. I found him to be very competent, easy to get along with, and talented. First of all, allowing a precedent to build where it is ok to fire a foreign vfx artist, with no warning and to not pay him for his time in full. To ask him to work without pay while his permits are In progres and then boot him to the street is wrong..no matter what the reason. I was recently helping with a case in Montreal where this same practice was becoming along with the use of pirated software. Diego reached out to me, showed me the evidence online aa well as things he has not posted. I'm more than convinced he's on the level and have posted in several places my email to those who want to come forward confidentially and help take this case to the right path and offer the ability for the company and the artists to get back on track and to work in an environment that can only benefit the artists and the company in the long run. Our industry has suffered enough. Email me in confidence if you have information that can help.
  4. Separating bubbles from foam to treat them differently in the white water tool. Bubbles turn into foam which is desired yet if not treated the same, same shader, same geometry...there's an obvious flicker as the points move from bubbles to foam and back again... any tips?
  5. Flip container no collisions yet holds the fluid

    John, I see what you mean...great stuff in 13 incorporated many things I was making from scratch, like mist, constant waves, culling out the initial points from a colliding object. The sink set up that your described and the addition of advect by volumes to give the ocean tank set up constant controllable waves (and a sim that follows an object around) are great.
  6. Flip container no collisions yet holds the fluid

    Thanks John! Would be useful. Investigating what I have to work with now.
  7. I'd like to contain the fluid but not have the fluid push back after colliding with the walls of the flip container (inherit negated velocity). Anyone have a simple way to do that? The reason: I'd like to create a more controllable continuous small surface waves driven from another source.