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  1. Side FX Labs 19.5 manual installation.

    Solved. { "path": "$SIDEFXLABS", "load_package_once": true, "enable": "houdini_version >= '19.0' and houdini_version <= '20.0'", "version": "19.5", "env": [ { "SIDEFXLABS": "D:\Houdini_plugins\SideFXLabs" } ] }
  2. Side FX Labs 19.5 manual installation.

    This code needs to be changed to make it work. I can' figure it out.
  3. I've tried all I can and it still not working. Need help. This file was placed in Documents/ houdini19.5/ packages. But how to make it work? { "path": "$SIDEFXLABS", "load_package_once": true, "enable": "houdini_version >= '19.0' and houdini_version < '19.1'", "version": "19.0", "env": [ { "SIDEFXLABS": "$HOUDINI_PACKAGE_PATH/SideFXLabs19.0" } ] }
  4. Hello! How to pin vellum cloth (flag) to animated object? Something wrong with this video. I'm not attached it. untitled.mp4
  5. Vellum Stretch Distance to Color?

    Thank you!!! Trying to figure it out.
  6. Vellum Stretch Distance to Color?

    Thank you!!! It's clear. Is there any hint how to emit particles from that color attribute?
  7. Vellum Visualization

    Hello! Can you provide hip file please. I've got the same problem.
  8. Hi! It is possible to convert for example vellum stretch distance or stretch ratio to Cd attribute?
  9. Random Polygons Bending

    Thank you! I will try.
  10. Random Polygons Bending

    Oh thanks!!! What if grids scattered on a grid?
  11. Hi! How to bend, for example cloned planes, differently?
  12. Houdini splash screens.

    I want to share a couple of my favorite splashscreens with you. Just add - HOUDINI_SPLASH_FILE = /path/to/file.jpg - to env file.
  13. Growth Systems

    I like this! Is there any chance to explore hip file?
  14. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Realtime PBR viewport render and fast raytracer built in viewport. With possibilities for both to Rop output. Besides Karma and all his friends that for studios. As an artist I want to see results immediately, not for hours or minutes of waiting or so. Houdini need to shift paradigm about viewport and render. Not everything today about big industry. Look at Blender's Eevee, they did it and everybody loves it. And they have super fast rendering system. Just pull a little bit of future for us. Please.