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  1. Cloth Simulation for Crowds

    Hello, Does anyone have a solution for creating dynamic cloth simulation for crowds? For instance, a crowd running with flag poles using a prop following the crowd agent layering method? If someone can accomplish a dynamic cloth asset with either .abc cache file or houdini cloth for crowds I would love to hear your technique. I have included: flagTest.abc (nCloth flag animation on pole), screenshot showing example method for using using .abc assets for crowds, tutorial for agent layering method for crowds, and tutorial for constraining houdini cloth. Can anyone manage to get flagTest.abc be used by the biped character 2 for Houdini crowds? Thanks! flagTest.abc
  2. Fur Sim Issues with Scale and Settings H16

    Hello, Using the latest version of Houdini 16.0.736. What is best scale to simulate fur on female jacket. Should I simulate real-world scale or scale it up very large for better fur simulation performance? For Example, should the fur coat match the scale of the test geometry like rubber toy or pig head? Should it be scaled to 2 meters or 200? I want to master the scale before tinkering with the Fur Sim settings. Otherwise, does anyone have dynamite fur sim settings for a specific scale? My sims either seem very static or dramatically broken with stretching fur. Thank you, Ryan
  3. Cloth Simulation for Crowds

    this may be the solution: http://archive.sidefx.com/docs/houdini15.5/crowds/interaction Advanced: simulation on top of agents If you want to create secondary simulation (for example, simulated clothing) on top of agent geometry, currently you must unpack the agent geometry. You can use VEX or Python functions to calculate the positions of agent body parts (for example, if you want to generate particles flowing from the top of agent heads) from the agent attributes. You can see an example of this in this example scene file: $HH/Help/files/joint_positions.hip.
  4. Cloth Simulation for Crowds

    Hello Kung Fu, Were you successful in this method? Alembic files can not be used as a prop in agent layering. Using that method, my results had a static flag. Thanks!
  5. Hello, QUESTION: How do I use the .bgeo to create new geometry for rendering? I've created an AutoDopNetwork with boxes falling on others boxes (Jenga Tower) using RBD Packed Objects. At the object level for the geometry, I've used the copy node, connectivity node, and partition node. For every block used in the copy node, the partition node created 57 individual groups (block_$CLASS) for each block of the Jenga Tower. I cached everything to disk, then wrote out .bgeo files for the tower geometry. Currently, I can read the .bgeo file and attach a new material, however I CANNOT add subdivisions or bevel the geometry. Currently, I added the pink clay shader. Attached is screenshots and my project with all files. Thanks, Ryan jenga.zip
  6. use bgeo to add subdivs to low poly RBD packed object after cache

    thanks! I actually added a unpack node, foreach, then subdivide. It works! Thank You
  7. Hello, I am currently trying to render a scene from an intro to fx tutorial of a character dissolving into smoke from points being emitted. In the scen viewport I have a color ramp on the points and it renders as a colored blobs. I am having trouble assigning a smoke shader. What is the best way to render smoke from points? Thanks
  8. Render points particles as smoke instead of blobs

    Currently, a dust puff sprite shader from the shop network is working the best. It also maintains the color from the particle color ramp.