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  1. Motion Retargeting Tool

    Looks awesome! can't wait to see how you achieved this!
  2. Xeon 3175

    Yeah 4 channel memory is a headscratcher for me on Threadripper. The Xeon 3175 is an improvement there, I just don't have hope for it making much financial sense(unless you can buy LOTS) given Intel's yields.
  3. Xeon 3175

    You are concerned about latency with Threadripper but not concerned about latency with dual sockets?
  4. Building a Pc for VFX and Houdini/Redshift

    I would skip the gen 9 series. It's clear Intel is out of gas and has no where to go. Get a threadripper instead. If you can afford to get at least 1080's I would do that too. It would be helpful to know what your budget is too.
  5. New Threadripper 2 - Core Speed vs Core Count

    The infinity fabric has lower latency than socket to socket. That said it's still very sensitive to memory timings and speeds. Unlike Intel processors, the Ryzen processors must have the timings dialed in and the processors respond better to higher to memory frequencies(the less memory you have the faster it needs to be). In the case of the 32 core Threadripper it can only be run in NUMA mode which windows is absolutely terrible at handling. Slow, improperly timed memory + bad NUMA + bad scheduling = performance regressions with a 32 core processor in windows. Having slow improperly timed memory will also hurt your performance in Linux, but at least you will have superior NUMA and scheduling.
  6. Thank you so much for the dual boot licensing flexibility. The Meltdown/Spectre patches have left my Windows partition, where I have my indie installed, in absolute shambles. Thank you!
  7. Subdividing of skin mesh

    post a .hip and you might have more luck getting people to help you.
  8. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Edit motion capture data. I would settle/prefer a FABRIK solver though.
  9. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    FABRIK, skinning decomposition(maya LT just added this), mocap retargetting
  10. wrapping geo like Wrap3

    New point positions based on the reference geo are being interpolated in CHOPS. Here is an example from years ago with similar functionality
  11. Procedural Lake Houses tutorial

    This is very generous of you! I am curious if you are planning to offer a bundle discount on gumroad for all 5?
  12. Procedural Lake Houses tutorial

    Awesome to see these on gumroad! One question, is the 4th volume only free to people who purchased on CMIVFX?
  13. Tube with holes challenge

    Saw this video on youtube Thought I would try it out. It took a lot longer than 62 seconds, but I learned some things doing it. I am happy with the shape, but I feel the model could be more procedural. If you have any suggestions to improve the model, or if you know a better way to do some of the steps, I would love to hear them. I attached the .hip polyCount90secondChallenge.hiplc
  14. I am confused about the two different chops for inverse kinematics. The documentation doesn't really clarify why there are two chops and there is no example file showing the Iksolver chop being used properly. Would the iksolver CHOP be useful in applying IK to mocap data for foot pinning? Any clarification on this CHOP would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Iksolver vs. InverseKin

    Could you post an example? I've tried to get it to work many times and not had any success. I am taking it the inversekin chop could work with motion capture data?
  16. CMI VFX course reviews

    Yeah kinda pissed I subscribed and had to put up with such a garbage video player. 4 hour videos + unstable player = frustrated customer. If I had to do it all over again I would just buy Rohan Dalvi's vids He has a ton of free videos too so you can sample his work before you start buying. Some of the videos on CMIVFX are without equal, the L-system series, the audio animation vid, and Kim Goosens procedural modeling were all fantastic in my view. Though I am more into games and procedural modeling/animation than big block buster film vfx. The only thing I would really caution with CMIVFX is they seem to be focused on Cinema4D training now more than Houdini. Those may or may not interest you, but for me they don't add any value to the subscription.
  17. Curve to polygon?

    You can build surfaces from curves using rail, sweep, and skin. I attached a .hip that shows one way of doing this. Just a warning I am new to vex wrangles so it's probably not the best vex code and none of the parameters are bound. RolledCarpet.hiplc
  18. Tube with holes challenge

    Some kick ass technique in there, I didn't even think to dissolve edges and smooth to get a circle! That wrangle is pretty bad ass! I was about to try and put similiar control over hole distributiion in mine using rotate on the second copy, but I am humbled by your approach with vex. So little code, so much control!
  19. Just curious if you have seen this old paper: http://research.cs.wisc.edu/graphics/Gallery/SkinFromExamples/skin-from-examples.pdf It addresses the candy wrapper effect quite elegantly. I've used a tool based on this algorithm in the past, and it works quite well. Would love to have something like this in Houdini.
  20. I'm having a lot of success cleaning up mocap data in Houdini except for doing things like polishing up and exaggerating the data. The animation layers in Houdini seem like an ideal tool for this task, however I can not seem to get animation layers to work with data that is already in chops format and work with an already established chopnet. I have tried making a chopnet for animation layering at a higher level in /obj and baking the channels to keyframes, and I can then make changes using animation layers. However I don't like this workflow as it's destructive. Has anyone else had any success with using animation layers and mocap without having to resort to baking it all down to key frames?
  21. Pose Library and FBX?

    Thanks, that's good info to have about how the pose library expects an HDA in order to work. Do you know if the pose library will create poses from CHOP data or does it only work on keyframe data? I know its not too hard to create a 'pose' with CHOPS but it would be nice to have a clean visually oriented interface to create poses from with CHOP data
  22. I am trying to make some hda's to help speed up and distribute my mocap cleaning process, however when I make an HDA in CHOPS I get an error saying the sub-network has no output, and when I go to edit operator type properties, sure enough the outputs are greyed out. Anyone have an idea on how to fix this?
  23. That was it! thank you very much!
  24. how to create a round bevel beetween 2 curves ?

    There are a few ways to make this shape in nurbs I can think of off the top of my head. The closest way to your initial post that I can think of is to use 3 circles instead of two.