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  1. eliminating z-fight

    That's what I was thinking about. It was more of a curiosity than an actual issue anyway. Cheers
  2. eliminating z-fight

    Is there a way to tell mantra to always render one shader in front on the other when rendering co-planar surfaces ? Cheers
  3. Remote desktop

    I might be wrong but as far as i know nothing comes close to splashtop in terms of speed and portability
  4. Thanks a lot , that is exactly what I was looking for
  5. I am trying to create an attrubute that would tell me whether point on the curve turns left or right, say 0 for left turn 1 for right. Any ideas ? cheers k
  6. I used to use cinnamon after gnome disaster on ubuntu, looked great but crashed too often for my liking so I switched to i3 and will never go back to silly floating windows ever again. Needs a bit of reading through docs before you can use it effectively but it is totally worth it. Also 12.5 viewport seems to be less of an issue.
  7. bracing error problem

    I am having following problem: I am trying to extract one line from text file using `system("sed '$F!d' /home/kumpa/test.txt")` and it works fine. As soon as I replace $F with expression (stamp() in my case) it returns bracing error. Any ideas ? cheers k
  8. Random link of interest

    Extremely cool ! http://madeonjupiter.com/the-puffer-from-digi-to-real/
  9. Creating a Water Canon Effect....

    Speaking of speed streching, did anyone ever used that feature in particle fluid surface node with success ? I found it extremely useless so far.
  10. Projection Advertising is hiring !

    Hi ! We are still hiring in case somebody is looking for job. cheers k
  11. You can save takes and open them in another file, it even works with otl's you are using and updating all the time as long as parameter names stay same.
  12. Nasty spikes

    Thank you Jeff, you are superstar Changing coving settings didn't help but since i am not using any delay load I am ok with raytracing.And I am not rendering sds. I attached file as well Thanks k vine_06.hip.tar.gz
  13. Nasty spikes

    Any idea why this is happening ? Both images were rendered in render view using same rop, only difference was that preview box was ticked on on one without spikes. There is also completely different shading on trunk. There are no shadow maps and all shaders are mantra surface with bump map with exception of flowers that are shaded with clay (no displacement !). Version is 11.0.733. Sorry for huge images :/ cheers k
  14. Projection Advertising is looking for houdini artist. If interested drop me an email on kumpa(at)projectionadvertising.co.uk
  15. Well I must admit it has been while since i seen bsod on w7 (if ever), but programs are still a lot less stable than on linux.