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  1. Hi, I have been using Solaris for couple of months now and while I absolutely love it I came across mildly bothersome issue: Because Houdini compiles each frame in much the same way as it would when creating rib or ifd it makes animating cameras very slow and unwieldy process. My solution was to use Lop import to bring relevant objects to obj level, do all the camerawork there and bring camera back to LOPs. While not ideal it certainly does work but I was wondering if there is any better solution ? Cheers
  2. How does one deal with multiple paths in POP Steer Path I would like to be able to assign a list of possible paths to each agent particle instead of all the particles following all the paths. Currently I set up multiple sops and multiple agent groups but that's not very scalable. Cheers
  3. Hi, Is it possible to make matnet not appear in Material Palette ? I am working on a project that uses a lot of reference image geo nodes and they all appear in Material Palette creating unholy mess. Quickshade SOP also causes same issue. They could of course be all deleted but since some time was spent aligning them I'd rather keep them if I can help it. Cheers P.S.: I am aware that they can be filtered out using wildcards in Material Palette but it is a bit tedious to have to to it all the time.
  4. am getting following errors on component output LOPS. Just placing component builder in an empty scene will produce following errors. There are significantly less errors with 19.0.501 compared to 19.0.455 (screenshot with more errors is from 455). Anyone else came across this problem ? It doesn't affect anything it seems, viewport rendering works fine and it renders out a file from gui but it does cause batch file to error out.
  5. I am too (since 2005). I do miss couple from names from the old days tho
  6. I was searching redshift forum regarding another cryptomatte related issue (namely gargantuan increase in render time when outputting cryptomatte which seems to be another insurmountable problem for redshift devs) when I stumbled upon someone being very angry when learning that is not possible at all. What he wanted was partitioning by primitive attribute such as @name. While extremely useful and fast to set up cryptomatte is pretty much useless as it is in redshift. I reverted to using puzzle mates; it's a ballache but at least it won't take a millennia to render.
  7. Thanks mate, I wish read helpcard more thoroughly.
  8. Hi, Is there a way to do @disableexternal on each object individually ? I would like to disable it for one object but not the other. Thanks !
  9. you can poke a hole in the side and blast it out with a burst of air from can
  10. Is there a way to tell UV Layout not to stack identical island ? It is of course possible to group one side after mirroring, shift it in uv space and uv layout it again but it is very un-houdinistic.
  11. I installed it yesterday and was shocked to see how polished and well documented the plugin is. Redshift plugin in the other hand feels like someone wrote it in an afternoon and never touched it since.
  12. Thank you very much, that is exactly what i was looking for !
  13. Is it possible to change default name of the operator when created ? I would like to shorten few of them, foreach_begin for example. cheers
  14. Hi, I did, I had to enable write uv sets and uv write (not sure which one exactly made uvs appear in houdini) and when I noticed normals problem I tired no normals and that didn't work. No other option looksa like it has anything to do with normals but i'll keep trying nevertheless. The whole maya alembic - houdini workflow seems to be incredible convoluted, to my absolute astonishment I discovered that material assignments are not included in alembic file, so I had to export static fbx file, edit mental 10m long name attributes maya generates on both files until they matched and loop through all the objects to transfer names of materials from fbx to alembic.
  15. Hi, I got some maya scenes I exported alembic caches from and it all went reasonably well until I had to make a pass with mantra cartoon shader ( the rest of passes are rendered with redshift) when I noticed normals on some objects are flipped, most of them in a manner typical to that of objects being mirrored during modeling with transformations frozen without normals being flipped. Going back to maya I also noticed that according to maya all the normals are pointing in right direction. Any thoughts on how to address that issue ? Maya being the mess it is and me not touching it for 10 years except as glorified file converter I can't seem to be able to debug the situation. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
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