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  1. unpack blendshapes and pack agin

    https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniKinefx#Procedural_weights has many examples for other that looking for kinnefx stuff and clever vex examples. Attrib promote sop can copy the primitiv blend channels to Detail with Array of all. pack inject sop repacks the hole bunch again, but it repacks every point from basemodell on every blendshape again not like the original that have varied points per blendshape, but there are son options on pack inject sop that i havent figured out yet that maybe solve this. anyway in the end it need some loop extraction/injecting for individual adjustment of blendshape.
  2. Trying to unpack blendshape and do simple transform on all blendshapes thesame time and pack agin. blendshape_channel name is in primitve not on detail. Have id the points before because all primitive empty after unpack. Is there a smart way to do this? also looking for a sop pipe where unpacking and looping through blendshape and do individual adjustment?
  3. Hello find this intresting. More detail: mur.elii.io/iphone-x-face-tracking-capture-houdini GitHub source: github.com/elishahung/FaceCaptureX https://vimeo.com/242460460 Have anyone developed this further or have other sources or apps/programs that utelize the deepth camera on iphone or samsung devices. or other cheap devices for motion capture for single/small studios that you can import or use live in houdini. thanks!
  4. 'Intel UHD' graphics

    17-inch, works great in 4k, win 10 and Ubuntu 17.10 xorg, but using NVidia card.
  5. Anyone using 4K displays for 3d?

    normal 40 inch 4k have to learn how to attach 4k jpgs, dosent work to drop them i directly, will try again later anyone now how to insert 4k jpgs, i see its possible in thread ? http://forums.odforce.net/topic/20241-animated-short-helga/ tttt
  6. Anyone using 4K displays for 3d?

    I have used the philips 40 inch 4k (Philips Brilliance BDM4065UC) for 4 months, happy with it. somtimes can have reflections in corners when strong sun and near to window. used to multi 24 setups but i dont go back. running houdini on normal global UI size and have nice options to arrange useful desktops layout. only 8 bit, but looks nice. Have heard from people using curved samsung 34 inch that they are satisfied.
  7. Ubuntu 12.04 H13

    using Ubuntu 10.04, thinking about upgrading to Ubuntu 12.04 to use with H13, have only nvidia cards. any issues to think about?
  8. thanks for info bought a GEForce 580 with 3GB of RAM for trying out! sure want one Quadro 6000, quadra 4000 with tesla 2075 and NVIDIA Maximus if it works later will be intressting option. loking at dual xeon 5650 with ssd disk also, is it wise to put licence server on ssd disk? loking att intel ssd for stability?
  9. Have master licence and will install H12 soon. Would like to hear recommendation from any actually using H12 beta now. buying new pc. choice between quadra 4000 or GEForce 580 with 3GB of RAM. will use win7 and linux.
  10. Dell Precision M6500 laptop and win7

    Ok thanks. thats is important working long hours.
  11. Dell Precision M6500 laptop and win7

    I have master networklicence, well after starting using i7 920 it,s sad to open my old laptop. most worried if a new get stolen or drops, havent looked into on how to configure network so I can dial upp and have licence from home, that will solve that problem! i will read up on that and try, before i buy. anyone using similar setup in a small company? thanks for info.
  12. Hi, I was just planning on buying a Dell Precision M6500 laptop and win7-64 with a nVidia Quadro FX 3800M which I intend to use for Houdini and renderman. Opinions and see if some one else has been using it and whether there may be any known compatibility issues. is it wise to put the license server on a laptop to. thanks
  13. GeForce GT130M

    anybody using GeForce GT130M,? looking att a HP Pavilion HDX18-1250EO - Core 2 Quad Q9000, anybody using the new Q9000 processor.
  14. Probably no help but Ubuntu 8.10 (kernel rev: 2.6.27-7) and an NVidia 8600. driver NVidia: 177.80 works ok with apprentice.
  15. thanks and keep upp the good work. as a one man band in a smal country far far away odforce been my nr 1 source and inspiration. small token is the least I can do.