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  1. Flip and Sop Solver

    thanks Spencer !
  2. Flip and Sop Solver

    I have been experimenting with FLIP and at a point where i want to use a sop solver to manipulate the velocity of the particles.. so, I create a sop solver in the AutoDopNetwork and then.... inside the SOP solver are > dop_geometry, impacts, feedbacks, relationship_geometry i want to grab the dop_geometry and to "process" but i am thrown for a loop with the `stamps("..","DATANAME",chs("../datapath"))` can anyone help me with this magic ? While i am happy Houdini autoMagically fills in the data, i am clueless what is imported? If i were to delete all the nodes inside the SOP solver, how would i bring the Flip particles in, to process them to change their velocity. thanks in advance
  3. Mantra error

    I am new to houdini and every time I create a new mantra node and try to render I get an error Failed GLMakecurrent with error 6 handle is invalid What am I doing wrong? Have a camera and light in my scene. Creating a new mantra node throws the same error Any help appreciated
  4. i created a custom attribute($DEPTH) and i tried to map it to color using a color Sop and it does not work. however when i used a point sop it works. why can i access the $DEPTH attr using a color sop when i can using a point sop. ( see file ) attr.hipnc
  5. i created a custom attribute($DEPTH) and i tried to map it to color using a color Sop and it does not work. however when i used a point sop it works. why can i access the $DEPTH attr using a color sop when i can using a point sop. ( see file )
  6. cloth constraint input values

    ah ! i got fooled when i did not see a pull down menu with group names like some other operators. thanks for your help !
  7. cloth constraint input values

    i have a simple example of a cloth being constraint to a torus. i have to be doing something wrong because if i edit the remesh ( to make a high res mesh ) the constraints go crazy ( because the vertices are hardcoded - un-houdini like. ) i guess i am doing something wrong.. ? in the file, try changing the remesh to .5 from 1 and see for yourself. cloth.hipnc
  8. creating an RBD trail ( not debris)

    thanks for the tip. good to know another way to achieve the same effect. followup question ( did not want to create yet another thread ) i have a group node ( with an animated bounding box over a bunch of points ) as the source to a pop network . the setup works fine except when there zero elements in the group node.... the particles are created at the origin when i expect there to be no particles because there is no source... here is file group.hipnc
  9. creating an RBD trail ( not debris)

    thanks a bunch tomas! trying to play with motion blur but using shaders on actual geometry....
  10. creating an RBD trail ( not debris)

    HI All: I have a simple scene with a rbd sphere with initial velocity i would like to create new spheres at each frame , ( almost like a trail of spheres, I would like them to be RBD with activate set to off, so they are frozen ) I am lost and dont know how to proceed, any tip would be appreciated. thanks trail.hipnc
  11. Hi all I need to divide some points based on a pscale attribute. 1) less than .3 , pscale =0 2) 0<pscale<.6, pscale =.6 3)else pscale =1.0 I tried to use 3 point nodes with expressions. First one is easy. if ($PSCALE<.3),0, $PSCALE. But how do you do compound expressions .like 0<pscale<.6 or Pscale<.6 and pscale >0 Another workaround was to use a group node and delete nodes for each case. But it not elegant Thanks in advance
  12. Editing Glue network in 13

    thanks cwhite for your file..your file does not open properly for me, i get error opening the file. i am using h13.0.198.21 there was an error message about unknown 'pivot' do i need to known load another version of h13 ?thank you
  13. Editing Glue network in 13

    I am a little confused, just stated learning houdini and jumped onto houdini 13 and i am stumped how to edit a glue network. the network itself is different from houdini 12.5 and i would like to edit the network but am stumped.i would like to partially dissolve the glue network in this test file. any help/suggestion is much appreciated glue_network_v2_glue.hipnc
  14. just started learning houdini and sorry if its a stupid question. i am trying to shatter a simple object using my own network (instead of the shelf button) and i do not know how or where to continue. i have an example file, where i have shattered and have a "network" ready to be wired-in, but i am lost. any / all help much appreciated. explode_glue.hipnc