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  1. Here is a download with the corrected PDF document. January 28th. Chimney_Smoke_Challenge.zip
  2. You likely found this out by now anyway but.... I just found one omission in the document. In order to render the flue objects as Mattes, you will want to go into the Render Folder of the Flue object parameters (at the object level) and toggle the Matte Shading option ON. That way they will act as mattes for you when you go to composite the layers. Sorry.
  3. building shatterin (voronoi)

    The .otl file a digital asset you must install before the file will work. At the main menu bar, select File>Install Digital Asset Library. This will open the install dialogue window. Point the file field parameter to the .otl file, where ever you have it on your computer. You install to this HIP file only and then it will only work in this file. Or you can save it to your scanned otl directory an then it will be available to all hip file without having to install it in another file. Once the otl is installed I bet all will work for you. I would then save the hip file again as well. You may have to restart Houdini and open the hip file again, I am not sure.
  4. I am hoping this will be a great interest to Students everywhere learning Houdini's smoke simulation tools. Check out the Challenge section. I have posted a tutorial and the Challenge there for you. Looking forward to seeing your results
  5. I hope I am not overstepping my bounds by posting a Challenge here, but...... This is a training tutorial and a Built in Challenge that will be of interest to Students trying to learn Houdini's fluid sims and how to get the look they want. There are so many parameters and options to consider, and I have seen to many students get frustrated and lost here. It is one thing to get a smoke simulation up and running but many of my students have problems understanding the controls and getting the actual look they want. The attached file contains a PDF file of the tutorial as well as a background plate and template file to start from, which simply contains a light, a cam I use for some tests and such. The Student Challenge is documented at the end of the exercise. I will be updating this document in the next few days, with some Collision stuff and help on using and understanding the visualization tools. Please get involved and lets see your results and hip files here so everyone can learn form other Students all over. Enjoy Important Note: I just found one omission in the document. In order to render the flue objects as Mattes, you will want to go into the Render Folder of the Flue object parameters (at the object level) and toggle the Matte Shading option ON. Sorry. Chimney_Smoke_Challenge.zip
  6. Attached a simple file. The idea here is to have two objects object smoke out of a smoke stack or chimmney. The two emitter objects are used to emit smoke, kind of obvious. I then created to tubes that represent the smoke stacks. I have called these containment and containment1 The smoke is set to rise up the Y axis with a slight drift on the X axis as well. Did this with Buoyancy Dir. parameters set to 0.25 1 0 respectively. The problem is that the smoke passes through the containment objects which of course if very unnatural. The smoke needs to be contained within the objects that it rises up and drifts but can not penetrate the containment objects. Am I making sense. I tried setting up the containment objects up as RBD Static objects and checked that the collision volumes were calculated well, but the smoke does not react to these as collions objects. Question: How can I make these objects act like containment objects so that the smoke can not pass through their walls. SmokeTestSiddarth.hipnc
  7. Has anyone ever written a Pyroclastic noise function for Houdini. I have a couple of students whom desperately need a pyroclastic noise function they can use to manipulate a particle network. Looking to create realistic pyroclastic type explosions and need that rolling effect that is so characteristic of pyroclastics.
  8. Softimage Xsi Camera Data To Houdini

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  9. I am about to work with a Student getting his SoftImage Xsi camera information into Houdini. Xsi Cam to Houdini I guess. Has anyone got any pointers that might save us a lot of work sorting this out on our own. Its seem pretty much a given that will read the data into Chops, that will be easy. I am just wondering about the best way to export it from SoftImage and then is there any differences we will need to be aware of in terms of SoftImage's apeture settings and that sort of thing. If anyone has been through this, your advice would really be appreicated. Thanks Ray