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  1. Thanks for your response. I am getting my animation from an alembic file. I have managed to get one step further in the process. I am using a pointdeform node with first input is my VDB with timeshift frozen on first frame, second input is the rest position (timeshift) and the 3rd position is looking at the alembic animation. That helps freeze the VDB from moving as it animates, however, I have multiple objects like this and this method didn't work with multiple objects, I tried a foreach and it runs the set up through all objects but the VDB still flickers.
  2. Hi everyone, Basically what I am trying to do is simple but haven't been able to find a way that works. I have an animated object and I converted it into a VDB to eventually turn it into a cloud. However, once the object is converted into VDB and it moves, the VDB starts moving through the object in World Scale and flickers , is there any way I can have the VDB stick to the object? Thank you!!
  3. Hi everyone, I am looking for a way to create a custom ZDepth pass where I can define my closest and farthest values, possibly try to keep them between 0 and 1. The reason the Z pass is not working out of the box for me is because I believe the scene scale is too small where my values are going to insane values or "inf". I created a shader with vector Shading Point in World-Space and it seems like it could be right approach but I haven't exactly figured out a way to get exactly what I need. Any thoughts on how to achieve this custom pass/shader? Thank you!