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  1. secondary fracture while hit

    I tried that technique.. but how to activate the fracture when it hits a object or ground and break based on the speed it hits..
  2. secondary fracture while hit

    Hi, other than constraints is there a way to do secondary fracturing of big chunks when it hits a stationary object or ground. Help me out.. Thanks in advance..
  3. problems in packing geometry

    hi guys, i have fractured a box and packed it using assemble sop.. if i create primitive attribute using connectivity sop after packing and unpacking it the outer surface has a different primitive number unless i leave the inside group blank or with other names in assemble sop.. what have i done wrong.. also if i use the connectivity sop before assemble sop everything works fine. please check the sample file..packtest.hipnc
  4. hi, i have a simulated wood chunks.. how do i add displacement to the wooden pieces.. i tried applying and the noise moves.. also used rest sop.. and how do i apply the noise in a particular direction.
  5. uv texture on simulated chunks

    hi, i have simulated a tree break.i have applied uv texture before vornoi fracture and the uv is only outside as it should be.. now for the interior chunks. should the uv texture be applied before the simulation or can be applied after it. i tried rest position and the uv's are not stationary if i apply after simulating in dops.. should i go back and apply the uvtexture after vornoi fracture and re simulate the whole thing.. help me out.. thanks in advance..
  6. apply velocity when frags become active

    hi.. can u explain the point expression.. cant understand the process... and thanks
  7. Hi, i used active in dops to enable frags active at a certain frame.. the problem is i want to apply velocity when they become active.. if i use point vop and create velocity it is applied only at fame 1 in dops.. if i overwrite velocity in dops using sop solver velocity is constant. Help me out. velocity transfer.rar
  8. active in dops

    velocity transfer.rar
  9. active in dops

    please check the attached file
  10. active in dops

    also i created a velocity using attribute vop. when i import the velocity in dops the velocity is constant when i give override velocity or it doesn't get applied even if i check inherit velocity from point velocity.. Help me out..
  11. active in dops

    thanks a lot. now understood how to transfer attributes from sop to dops..
  12. active in dops

    Can you make a sample file so that i can check how to do it. i tried using sop solver. it didn't work.. i have done it wrong i think..and Thanks a lot
  13. active in dops

    Hi guys, i have fractured some pieces,made it packed geo and used attribute node to set active using condition. but can the active value vary for dop simulation..? i tried it and it doesn't work.. only the frags active at frame one becomes dynamic..others frags are static.. can the value vary or any other similar setup to make the frags move at a particular frame where its static and then becomes dynamic..
  14. group selection

    thanks a lot
  15. group selection

    Hi.. i used group node(bounding volume points only) to select my fragments using an object(converted into vdb). after the points get selected i want to delete the fragments of connected points. if i delete it the points gets deleted... also tried convert from points to primitives in group sop and tried deleting using delete sop.. but the primitives only gets deleted. not the whole fragment..help me out.. thanks in advance