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  1. Twist particles by custom attribute

    Thanks Pradeep. After trying a point() expression it seems that the simple twist doesnt work on a per Point basis so I think I will have to do it a point VOP. Cheers
  2. I am attempting to run a twist over a specific group of particles. I create an object to define the area of Interest then use an Attribute transfer to transfer a float value that I want to call in the Twist sop. But when I reference the $TWIST attribute I have created in the strength amount, it throws an undefined variable error. Is it not possible to use Custom Variables in the twist sop? The effect I am trying to achieve is a weighted deformation with controllable falloff, so that there is not a hard line between the deformed and undeformed particles. I'm sure its probably better to do this in a VOPSOP... simple example attached. Thanks guys twist_by_attribute.hip
  3. Hi Guys, I really need help with this. What I have is a complex Truck rig coming in from animation. Its got multiple moving parts and some parts need to break apart as it gets hit and collides with objects. I have managed to fracture the object and transfer the animation back onto the frags via a nice matrix transform setup I found on Odforce. The trouble I'm having is how to bring animated frags (packed primitives) into Dops and how to control them becoming active either on collision or at specific frames. The other thing I cant figure out is how to get the active pieces to be still glued or constrained to the other animating non active pieces. Presently I'm trying to achieve this with Packed Prims as I have alot of pieces and its lighter in Dops but I have tried doing it the old fashioned way with Deforming RBD Fracture objects, but I still have the problem of Controlling when objects become active and then constraining them to the non active animated pieces. The best way I could think to illustrate this is when the windscreen shatters its still constrained to the non active window frame so that it continues along with the moving truck. I have attached a super simple truck file that's been cleaned up off my tests, as none of them are working anyway. I would really appreciate any help anyone can give me on this, Its driving me crazy not being able to figure this out. Cheers.
  4. Cone twist constraint freeze?

    Lombardiii! Hey man! Been a while! I forgot about that Masterclass example, that's pretty much want I wanted. Going to take it a bit further with some more expressions. Seems like a good way to do some simple plastic deformation with a voronoi'd mesh and then using cloth capture to deform the original mesh in SOPs Thanks for pointing me in the right direction
  5. Cone twist constraint freeze?

    I'm looking at alternative techniques for doing plastic deformation in Rbds. Is it possible to freeze the cone twist constraint to prevent it from springing back to the original position. As in the picture I want to sim the constrained Geo until it the cone twist reaches a defined angle and then freeze the constraint so that it doesn't return the geo to its original state. I'm presently trying to do this in a SOP solver but not having great results. Does anybody know of a way to achieve this? Cheers!
  6. pintoanimation cloth not working in H13?

    Thanks Rafael, I was totally forgetting the trail sop for computing Velocity. Cheers
  7. pintoanimation cloth not working in H13?

    Does the pintoanimation attribute work with cloth in H13? Simple .hip file attached, what am I doing wrong? I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out cloth in H13. trying to learn from the crumpling masterclass but I cant get any of the files to work in H13!!! Hope somebody can shed some light on this. Thanks pintoanimation_test.hipnc