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  1. Environment Variables issue

    Hi, Thank you very much for the help. | HOUDINI_PATH = "$HOUDINI_PATH;C:/ProgramData/Redshift/Plugins/Houdini/18.0.460;&" | worked just fine. I'm going to take a look into the packages you've suggested. Cheers
  2. Environment Variables issue

    Houdini.env # # Houdini Environment Settings # # The contents of this file are read into the environment # at startup. They will override any existing entries in # the environment. # # The syntax is one entry per line as follows: # VAR = VALUE # # Values may be quoted # VAR = "VALUE" # # Values may be empty # VAR = # # Example: # # HOUDINI_NO_SPLASH = 1 #MOPS MOPS="D:/Dummy/Tools/MOPS" QLIB="/path/to/qlib" HOUDINI_PATH=$HOUDINI_PATH;$QLIB;$MOPS;& #QLIB QLIB="D:/Dummy/Tools/QLIB/otls" HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH=@/otls;$QLIB/base;$QLIB/future;$QLIB/experimental #REDSHIFT HOUDINI_DSO_ERROR = 2 PATH = "C:/ProgramData/Redshift/bin;$PATH" HOUDINI_PATH = "C:/ProgramData/Redshift/Plugins/Houdini/18.0.460;&" #Denoiser HOUDINI_NVIDIA_OPTIX_DSO_PATH = C:/Users/PMAIA-PC/Documents/houdini18.0/optix
  3. Environment Variables issue

    Hi guys, I'm using Houdini indie 18.0.460 with Redshift 3.2 When I add the env. variables for redshift in the houdini.env, the mops library and the sidefx labs automatically stop working. Anyone add this problem? Thanks
  4. Window Collision

    Hey, Sorry man, you're right. My mistake, to early in the morning to send messages. Cheers, Pedro
  5. Window Collision

    Hi Peon, Thanks for your help. I'll take a look into those links. I'll let you know how it goes. Cheers
  6. Window Collision

    Hi guys, I'm an Houdini apprentice. I'm trying to collide a sphere against a window and fracture only one portion of it. I've exported the window geometry from maya has an obj. my big struggle that the sphere doesn't pass throw the window and instead bounces back making only some pieces fall. I've already tried everything, from shelf tools to everything manual, and the sphere never goes trow the window. probably I'm missing something. i have attached the files! please take a look at it and give me some guidance in the right direction thanks window_shatter.rar
  7. Online VFX: The Art of Destruction (in russian)

    Done! Maybe in August the English version. Looking forward for this course. Thanks Vlad
  8. render viewport flipped

    Hi guys, I'm rendering my smoke, and in the viewport everything is flipped. Is there any setting I can change to see it properly? Render viewport Flipped after saving Thanks, Pedro Maia
  9. Birth and Death Smoke

    Hey JaydenDP, yes I'm doing a fluid source SOP. I will try it out. Thanks for the help
  10. Birth and Death Smoke

    Hi guys, I'm new to houdini and right know i'm finishing a project for school. I'm struggling with a smoke simulation because I want to have the birth of the smoke to start gradually in a specific frame and then die the same way, is there any way to do this. I've tryed Keyframe animate the birth, but I don't know where to kill it. Thanks PM