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  1. it was a bug, and sidfx fixed it.
  2. Hi , I want to render intersection geomtry as uniform volume but as soon as it intersects I get a strange result. are there any solutions for this? for the first image I used boolean to get rid of the intersection and this is the result I'm looking for thanks in advance Martin EDIT: Last image is a mix, intersection on geoimetry causes the artefact, on object level it does not volume.hip
  3. A small summary from the Houdini -Carbon Workflow for the german Movie Project "Die kleine Hexe". Hope You like it
  4. $JOB dependent hdas and python modules

    thanks alot, jsut had time to check the HOUDINI_PATH way, and it works great, I just add it in my project based startscript and everything seeems to work fine.
  5. $JOB dependent hdas and python modules

    no, I think You misunderstood me. No caching, just about $JOB and how to use it like $HSITE
  6. Hello, as python libs stored that way work fine (like all the other stuff , otls, presets, scripts): $HSITE/houdiniX.Y/python2.7libs I was wondering how to do this $JOB related the goal is to have assets and otls available per project. As old school mentions in this post, it should be possible by adding houdini directory into the job folder. $JOB/houdini/python2.7libs but libs and otls are not recognized. the other way would be to setup all search paths manually in a startup script, if there is a $JOB way to do it it would be much cooler thanks in advance
  7. Hi, I'm wondering where to place procedural shaders in future builds of houdini, material network or shop network. shopnetwork is old and probably dissapearing in near future, but for example in materialnetworks there is no alembic procedural and the cvex stuff did not work as expected, so I had to go back to shopnetwork any insights on this one? martin
  8. AMD GPU pro drivers stability

    the new opencl drivers on nvidia cards can access all or at least much more memory, but its hard to track as the ram usage changes really fast, and changes from simulation to simulation, for example when You use more grids.
  9. Unless You have a verifiable permission from Your supervisor, just don't do it. It might bring You in really unnecessary problems. And even then, what's the benefit, do You get paid for work at home? You might reply, You are stuck with a problem and want to solve it at home so You are covered at work. That is as honorable as short-sighted. You are not a brownie, doing all the work over night (unless You are one, but then why care about legal consequences). Also in a sane production environment, You supervisors probably want You to do You work in a predictable manner. And if things get stuck, what will happen from time to time, as Your very task is to solve new problems with every task, a sane production expects this and wants to know about it, so they can react. And this is nothing, that should be seen personal. It is simply not. It is just reasonable for all involved. You have a problem with a production scene? It does make more sense to isolate the problem in a little test scene, that You can much more likely ask to take at home if You still want the fairy tale number, but the huge benefit is You can share it with others or support ( which is outstanding ) and even for You alone it is much easier to work on the problem alone and not carrying a collapsing skyscraper with You, when You fiddling deep in a vop loop.
  10. AMD GPU pro drivers stability

    what about the opencl performance compared to a titanx(pascal), 16 gig ram are tempting
  11. onCopy event in hda

    ah, there is a difference, I will try, thanks a lot. PS: a bunch of more events would be really cool
  12. onCopy event in hda

    how can I trigger a event, when a node gets copied? thanks martin
  13. enabling all avialiable GPU for openCL

    You can use the slicing method to distribute it on 2 gpus, but You have to set it up on Your own. just launch every batch for sim with a differen GPUDEVICE variable
  14. ROP Output Driver Vs. File Cache ?

    dependency means that one caching node needs to be evaluated before the next one starts. You often have situations, where sometimes parallel processing is possible, and sometimes it needs to be sequential
  15. Why shadow color should be white?

    there must be a mistake, the shadow color is by default black, white shadow color means no shadow.