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  1. Houdini Env Variables in File Browser

    Awesome Thanks guys
  2. Houdini Env Variables in File Browser

    Anyone ???
  3. Does anyone know how to show the evironment variables in the file browser when you open Houdini ? We have a few servers that I have mapped to variables so I can use the scenes in different OSs. It works well. I have the mapping happening on the 456.py where it recognizes the OS and sets the paths using hscript and python. hou.hscript("setenv LIB=/mnt/Library") Like my $LIB is set to /mnt/Library in Linux and L: in Windows. I can look for files and render paths just fine in both OSs fine using $LIB. BUT I would like to see the env variables in the file browser when I open a file for instance on the left side of the browser and without adding the bookmark manually. I maybe crazy but I think I used to see this just fine but it stopped working. Does anyone know how to force this to work ? Is it some variable I am forgetting to set on Houdini.env ? I cannot find the info anywhere. Thanks for any help. Cheers
  4. Crowd dynamic distance ?

    You probably want to check your collision objects on the vases node to make sure they are the right size and represent what you want for the collision.
  5. Python SOP Update on the Farm

    Even in the FONT node in SOPS without using the python it worked fine. Used the python just to get OS and machine name. All works like a charm now. Hope this helps people with the same troubles.
  6. Python SOP Update on the Farm

    I seem to have solved it .... What I did is take the code to COPS instead with a FONT there using $JOB, $HOUDINI_PATH, etc and having another font node with the code for OS and machine name. Go figure. If anyone knows why the python SOP would not update I am still very insterested in hearing it. Cheers
  7. Python SOP Update on the Farm

    Hi all, I am trying to troubleshoot some multiOs render. I have setup a font node and a pythonSOP to print a bunch of variables to my render. (See attachment) On the farm (using Royal Render) I have set it to render one frame in each os. Frame 1 - Windows Farm Frame 2 - Windows Workstations Frame 3 - Linux Farm Frame 4 - OSX The problem is that when it renders it does not update the pythonSOP so it always renders as if in my windows machine printing the variables of the system that I saved the file in. The code and the nodes are ilustrated below. Opening the scene does not update the text but changing frame does it. I have tried: - animating the text to force updating it. - creating attributes on the python sop to animate and force update - saving the scene in a high frame hoping that when it renders it would change frame forcing an update. - creating a "opcook -F /obj/geo1/python1" Pre-Render Script - creating a "opcook -F /obj/geo1/python1" Pre-Frame Script - Adding a "f = hou.frame() " to the code to force updating. Running out of ideas here. Anyone knows how to force the update when it loads the scene ? Thanks, Sandro
  8. python loading the wrong frame in python sop

    Hey Dee, Did you find out ? I am having the same problem here. Thanks for any info. Cheers