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  1. RBD build-up effect

    So it's already split into pieces. And I have to point jitter and explode view it to get it messed around. Then I sim it falling down, lying in a pile. And then I want it to sim it back up to the original model.
  2. RBD build-up effect

    Hi all. I have a task which basically consists of building up a model from pieces lying as a junk pile. Imagine a car split into pieces on the ground, and pieces then starts flying up to their final position, gradually building up the model. But with the pieces interacting. So I have the model, and split it out on a ground plane, next step I imagine a particle setup. But does anyone have a ressource for such setup or any tips? Unfortunately I cannot share the model. Thank you very much in advance! :-)
  3. Full time Houdini programm

    I attended https://www.cgspectrum.edu.au/ They have a online houdini course, which I found to be fantastic! Super talented tutors and great review sessions every week.
  4. Culling w/ Houdini Engine in Maya.

    Regarding size that shouldn't be a problem as all geometry used (pieces to cull and bbox) is from Maya, so size would be the same. As far as I've read there's some grouping restrictions. I use vex to sample the bbox volume based on the position from the pieces. It works like a charm in Houdini, and is fast. But I simply do not get anything back in Maya. I'll be more than happy to share the HDA once it's working as intended.
  5. Hi everyone. I've made a little OTL that culls out some packed geometry based on a given bounding box, however it doesn't work in Maya. It simply doesn't show anything at all, as soon as I set the output to be either the VOP used for culling or Wrangle. I cannot use Group SOP and delete afterwards, as it cannot group the geometry given from Maya. Unfortunately I cannot share anything, as it's at work. However, I just wanted to hear if anyone of you have experienced the same thing, and if so how to deal with it? I'm packing the geometry from Maya based on a attribute, then culling out the pieces with a bounding box converted to a volume and then sample if each piece is within the volume. Cheers, Jonas
  6. Plant Dynamics

    Hi there! I'm tasked to do a simulation of a guy, walking through some plants. So I need to make some motion on the plants, as they're waving in the wind, but also collide with the character. My initial though was either Soft Body or Wire sim, however I can't get it to play. If anybody got any good suggestions, please let me know! Unfortunately I cannot share anything. Cheers, Jonas
  7. Which NVIDIA GPU?

    Just to give an Update, I ordered a Strix OC model, since it was on offer, later the plan is to watercool the entire system. thanks for the help :-)
  8. Which NVIDIA GPU?

    It's mainly an R&D/Personal Projects machine, and yes watercooling sounds like fun, which is why I wanted to give it a go! :-) thanks for all the help, I'll take a look around and see if I find any good offers! :-)
  9. Which NVIDIA GPU?

    Ok, Thank you! the reason why I keep coming back to the Poseidon is because I found one at a decent price, however I'm most likely gonna get a new card. So your recommendation is to look at some EVGA model?
  10. Which NVIDIA GPU?

    It Sounds like evga might be the way to go, however I have for a long time wanted to watercool my entire PC with a custom loop. Is that a bad idea? Any disadvantages? then I could just find a water block for the GPU, rather than going straight for a hydbrid card?
  11. Which NVIDIA GPU?

    Jonmoore, thanks for the reply, I've had a FirePro W8100 but found it quite noisy, so blower style is definitely not for my current setup. Therefore I considered the Asus ROG Poseidon, that way I would be able to swap in some water cooling with ease, at some point if necessary. 1080Ti definitely seems like the way to go. cheers
  12. Which NVIDIA GPU?

    Hi all, I would very much like to try out some GPU rendering and therefore I am looking for a Nvidia GPU. I had found a Asus 1080 Ti Poseidon 2nd hand, but Now want to check in with you guys what you Think is the best solution? any 1080 Ti models that are better than others? If so, which one would you recommend? cheers :-)
  13. How to make particles more bouncy?

    You select your "Pop Object" in your dops network and tweak "Bounce" under the Physical tab, to your liking. :-) EDIT: Or you can add a POP Property operator.
  14. Maya Rig -> FEM

    Thanks! I'll give it a try, and let you know how it all works out. All suggestions are much appreciated! :-)
  15. Maya Rig -> FEM

    I'll try it out next week and keep you all updated