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  1. Hello all, I'm using Houdini 17.0.352 and working on flip sim with 1 flip solver and 2 sources. I have a “whirlpool” and “splash” sources and I want them to react at each other and also whirlpool to react to the collision vdb node and splash to ignore that collision node. Both sources has their own attribute and group name made in sop (so I was using groups to have different gravity by group or turbulence to affect only splash source, again with the group). This “collision_vdb” gives me a great result for whirlpool, but it also affects splash source and I don't want that. It is “volume source” type of node and there is no group field which you can find in some pop nodes. So, can I somehow tell the flip solver to make collision only between whirlpool and collsion_vdb and splash not to react to collision_vdb? Thanks
  2. Custom geo export for Deadline

    Hello, I'm working on my own geo exporter for deadline but I have some issues. If I export geometry, everything will work fine but problem starts when i change version or shot number or something and I haven't saved my scene. In that case, it will write over latest setup when scene was saved and ignore new input. That leads to different problem if I save scene all current and future renders (that are waiting their turn) will use new inputs. So, since deadline use .hip file I think that the best way is when I press submit to deadline, it automatically save temp scene and send that to deadline. Is this possible only with some python scripting or there is some easy way to fix that. Thanks.
  3. Flickering cracked glass

    Thank you, but image behind that should be refracted is animated and glass crack is slowed down so it has to be rendered normally.
  4. Flickering cracked glass

    Hello, I'm trying to render out cracked glass but I have this awful flickering and don't know how to fix it. I cranked up min,max rays , reflection and refraction but nothing helped. It is animated but in this render it is static for testing and renders should be solid since nothing moves. Does anyone knows how to fix this in Mantra? Thank you. Glass Flickering_1.mov
  5. Houdini Fur collision with ground

    Hello, I'm working on some tests for mocap dancer which is fully covered with fur. I'm happy with results but ground plane collision does not work for me well. When guide curve touch ground because dancer is rolling, it looks like curves stick to the ground plane and stretch over time. Collision with dancer geometry is ok. I have my substeps increased but it looks like it does not help at all. I put low friction on ground and curves but that did not helped as well. Is there a way to fix that or just limitations of hair? Thanks 03.mov
  6. Take point position P.y,P.z,P.z to channel TX,TY,TZ?

    it works like this point("../alembic1/blast1",0,"P",0) thanks
  7. Take point position P.y,P.z,P.z to channel TX,TY,TZ?

    Thanks for reply. I have tried something like that already, point("obj/alembic1/blast1",0,"P",0) point("obj/alembic1/blast1",0,"P",1) point("obj/alembic1/blast1",0,"P",2) It should be like this, but not working
  8. Hello guys,I need help for this one. Since VR camera is not working if node is placed in alembic folder (not getting parallax, unless it is on obj level), so I made a point for alembic camera and I want to transfer position of that point to VR_CONSTRAINT node. Is there any solution? Thanks
  9. Arnold Vr

    Hello guys, I have difficulties to render VR with Arnold. I'm using Houdini 16.0.504.20 (and 3 other versions) and I have VR camera and that one works only with mantra. I have tried with asad lens and I downloaded et_vr_cam shader (I found this here on forum) but with no success. Also, I was looking on solidangle to find solution, but it looks like there is only VR for Maya, Cinema and Max. I'm using Arnold that is not latest one, (htoa 1.14.2), because latest one for some reason not working well (getting a lot of errors when I start Houdini) Do I need to have newer version of Arnold and Houdini or there is another way? Cheers.
  10. Constraint points from sop to dop

    Hello, trying to copy constant ID numbers from sop node to constraint points field on sbdconstraint. Info inside attached file: ---- sbdconstraint4 only matters In field "Constrained points " I want to put id numbers from OUT_POINTS_TO_CONSTRAIN that is in SOP context above. After blast, ptnum hes been changed, but @id is constant, so in my case numbers are 2,5,8,9,12,15,18,23,25 How to put those numbers procedurally in "Constraint points"? I was trying with points( "/obj/RnD/OUT_POINTS_TO_CONSTRAIN" , "@ptnum" , “id” ) and other variations but does not working. ---- Thanks RnD_CONSTRAINTS_04.hip
  11. Particles collision based on groups

    Thanks for reply, yes, it should be like that, but while I was cleaning file for upload i forgot to change bottom line. I know for temp attributes, but since I still learning Houdini it is much easier for me to visualise in geometry spreadsheet . So, when you turn off "staticobject1" and run a sim, you can see that particles which are inside of sphere are Red and in group "inside_particles". In theory if I assign this group to "popcollisionignore1", it should affect only that particles that are in group. I was trying with other way around, when particles that are inside of sphere are not in group and will not be affected by node collision ignore and should collide (which have more sense), but still does not work.This is new code:
  12. Particles collision based on groups

    Hello guys, I want to make particles to collide with sphere but particles that are inside of that sphere, which is static object. I have group based on volumesample and particles inside of that sphere should collide, because "pop collision ignore" node is set to that group. It look's straight forward, but I guess there is some technical problem why this does not working for me. For some reason I can't upload file here, so here is google drive link Hope that someone can explain to me. Thanks, cheers.
  13. Finite Element Solver UV's

    Hello, I want to break sphere like Fractured Solid Object. It works fine, I have results that is ok but now I have problem with UV's. It despisers, but when I add tetrasurface, uv's are back. When sphere breaks, it add new uv's on ,0 0 coordinates, and uv's starts to jitter. I guess that I have to create new UV's for new created piece inside. I saw how to add for fractured object which have piece and name, bla bla, but I don't have those attributes here? Thanks. ICB_TEST_01.hip
  14. How to read attributes values into POP Grains every frame?

    It works, thanks Anim for your help, Cheers.
  15. How to read attributes values into POP Grains every frame?

    So, if I have animated attribute in SOP and i want to import that in DOP in order to update every frame, how you do that in pop wrangle or pop vop? How do you call attribute from level up? Thanks