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  1. POP forces and Bullet sim

    Yes indeed. Your example helped solve the problem, thanks!
  2. POP forces and Bullet sim

    Hey Pradeep, thanks for the help! Your example didn't do exactly what I was after, but it certainly pointed me in the right direction. Using your VEXpression as an example, I simply added an extra attribute to the different packed GEO groups on sop level, which I then queried in the VEXpression to apply the force (I've attached the file). Thanks again for your help! bulletAttract_fixed2.hip
  3. POP forces and Bullet sim

    Hi everyone. I've come across a little hurdle, that I'm sure must have a simple solution, but I can't quite figure it out. I've created a simple scene to illustrate what I'm after (see attached). Basically I'm using the POP Attract force to drive the animation of my RBD objects (I'm using the Bullet solver), and I'm getting the result that I'm after. My predicament now is that I want to vary the effect of the force on a per object level. So in reference to the example scene I've attached, have the torus objects be less effected by the attract force than the teapot objects. Like I said, I'm sure there must be a simple solution for this, and I'm hoping one of you clever people can point me in the right direction. cheers! bulletAttract.hip
  4. Copy SOP and Rotations

    That's great, thanks dude.
  5. Copy SOP and Rotations

    Hey thanks loudsubs! That's definitely working better than before. Though I can't get it to work if I use a scatter after the grid GEO.. any thoughts as to why that is?
  6. Copy SOP and Rotations

    Hi loudsubs, thanks for the quick reply! Your solution works for the example scene I provided, but is easily broken if the rotation is adjusted in the xform, for example setting it to << -50, $FF, 50 >>
  7. Copy SOP and Rotations

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping one of you clever people will be able to help me with this little problem I'm having. When copy-stamping objects onto some animated points, the copied objects are transformed along with the points, but they do not fully respect the rotations. I have a feeling the solution will require a vopsop, with some kind of vector math to get Y normal rotations, but my knowledge of vector math is very limited and I'm struggling to find an elegant solution. I've created a simple scene to demonstrate the issue. You'll see that the teapots do not rotate along with the grid that they are copied onto. Any help would be much appreciated! rotNotWorking.hip