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  1. fire details in 《Maleficent》

    yes. u are right
  2. fire details in 《Maleficent》

    that's ture
  3. blobby smoke

    did u set velocity to the "add" model
  4. [SOLVED]Fire Emission Too Noisy

    u must change the pixel samples value higher. Such as 9 x 9. and, change the value of the division size in the dop network. It maybe help. another solution way is to use the isooffset node to change the volume cache to the geometry , after that,use the geometry as a geometry light.
  5. import the abc geometry. And use the trail sop to caculate the velocity of the abc geometry. U can render the motion blur as well.
  6. cracking a ground

    nice work
  7. Volume deform tool

    a ha . So kind of u.
  8. How to get this effect in Flipfluid simulation

    just use a volume velocity pump can reach that goal
  9. cloth stretch

    Thanks. It helps a lot . But , if I use an Animated object to collied with this cloth. There still had some problem. 1. when the two object strech so much. in some frame the cloth Will be interspersed . 2.the imported Animated object can not surport the cloth constraint on its surface. I tried it so many times, And when I select the collied object's surface. Houdini crashed. I don not konw the reason. 3.It's easy to find the constraint point in the cloth in one project. But if I want make an otl , such as Bubble gum stick on people's body. If I have 50 shots It's hard to select the constraint points everytime,That's so manual ! How to solve this?
  10. cloth stretch

    thanks to reply . But my file has problem. the cloth sphere is not follow the collision sphere. I want it always linked no matter how far the collied sphere go. Just like the image said!
  11. cloth stretch

    This topic is about the cloth stetch question. Hope anybody knwo how to reach the goal: cloth.hip
  12. Noise how to convert into line?

    also can use the vdb
  13. PyroCluster question

    U may see this. Ur cluster containter is too close I think
  14. water man Effects

    yeah, I think ur point is pretty right ! But I don't have that strong cpu. hahaha . So I tried so much way. include yours. Just think it's not easy to reach the team work may cost millon dollars effects ! So I will attach what I did in the vimeo next week. Hope anyone can do better!
  15. water man Effects

    thanks for this file,But In the file I just saw u change the gravity value to -2. In the film <<The Chronicles of Narnia:Prince Caspian>> the waterman, Please look at that effects. That's really complex. The point is the shape is so good