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  1. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    looks like wont be a h17 sneak peek this siggraph https://www.sidefx.com/community/siggraph-2018/
  2. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    according to sesi its their biggest release yet copy&paste from the launch event registration page
  3. Worms

    you can import the target mesh or the rest mesh in the solid object dop node . then you have to use the targetStiffness targetDamping or pintoanimation per point attributes . in the finite elements master class from sesi you can learn how to set-up the target mesh.
  4. Worms

    you can use a target mesh to influence your FEM simulation or a animated rest mesh . http://ihoudini.blogspot.com/2013/12/worm-locomotion-with-fem.html
  5. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    the cloth/fem solver is losing features with each release , the sbd spring constraint is broken (since houdini 14) , the cloth-solid collisions are broken in h15 and h15.5 . all of this bugs are already reported to sesi .
  6. No collision between Cloth and Solid

    looks like a bug cloth to fem colisions worked fine in the past
  7. All the fem cloth constraints (except hard constraints) are broken since houdini 14 . i already reported the bug to sesi 6 months ago they said that this is known and the devs were working on a solution but the bug still persist in houdini 15.5.480 . Maybe there is a way of implementing a spring sonstraint using a sop solver and vex the linear spring math is not very complicated .
  8. Constraint FEM

    the sbd constraint worked fine on houdini 13 but in houdini 14 the sbd constraint only works on "hard mode"
  9. Constraint FEM

    there is a bug with the FEM solver and the spring constraint relationship node in h14 (in h13 this node worked well) but you could use the cloth attach constraint .but with the cloth attach constraint doesnt have rest length asttribute so its not a true replacement for the spring relationship node . Hopefully this bug will be fixed on H15 .
  10. Houdini 15 Splash Screen Contest

    wow this is very fast houdini 14 was released only 6 months ago according to previous years timeframes we can expect a release around sept-oct.
  11. @fexternal in Cloth not working ?

    yes there is a bug with spring constraint relationship node the spring constraint relationship node worked well with FEM h13. the "sbd spring constraint" uses this node internally. the cloth attach constraint doesn´t have a rest lenght attribute so its not a true replacement.
  12. @fexternal in Cloth not working ?

    the bug still persist in latest build 14.0.328 @sebkaine = please report the bug to sesi .the last time i reported a bug they resolved it very quickly.
  13. is posible to get deformation motion blur with point replicate procedural ? in the point replicate procedural node there is an option for deformation motion blur . i have tried several times and even with the deformation blur option active on the point replicate procedural there is no motion blur.
  14. @fexternal in Cloth not working ?

    same here 14.0.201 . the fem solver ignores both fexternal and force attributes. yes looks like a bug
  15. fxphd RND301 relevant for mantra shader writing?

    thank you for your answers . i will check out those courses.