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  1. Straight Skeleton?

    Hey, thanks. Yes, I have been looking at that a bit:) Well, I have started to play around with voronifracture, getting a bit closer. ^^ Thx!
  2. Poly Curve Split

    Hello Sergei! Awesome tool you got there:) I bought the learning edition of the tool, and I have Houdini version 13.0.237. Created a grid and a curve, both polygon. Then attached it to Poly Curve Split and then it crashed to desktop. "Fatal Error" I tried it in an earlier version of Houdini (12...) but it did not work there either, did not crash, but I could not get the curve to split my grid. I would like to use this in H13, is it possible? Anything I might have missed using the tool? I really really want to use this tool;) Thanks! /Jonatan
  3. Straight Skeleton?

    Hello! I am looking for a way to make a straight skeleton. (For roofs) I will try to get it to work but I am quite new to houdini and lack the awesome skills of writing complex expressions. So if I could get a hint on where to start I would appreciate that very much:) I know there is a few people who wants this as well. Thanks! /Jonatan
  4. Finding a polygons skeleton

    "I am looking into this myself and it seems like there is now quick solution for this" ...Should be "no" off course....=P
  5. Finding a polygons skeleton

    Hi! I am looking into this myself and it seems like there is now quick solution for this... You may have looked at this topic: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/14151-roof-generator/?hl=%20straight%20%20skeleton There is not much information about the straight skeleton:. "Well, it's just some foreach and other sop's, some expressions, plus allot of mind bending to get them to do what it needs to be done. To be honest this thing made me think "Hey, I'm struggling to do this here in Houdini, using some nodes that are not necessarily made for this (or are they?). I should learn a little programming (Python for example). By the way, this is a pretty good example showcasing the power of Houdini (in my humble opinion at least). Maybe I'll do a tutorial some day..." This is not much of help for me at least. I am trying to get something to work myself. I will update you if I get it to work. If you have come any closer getting a straight skeleton to wok, plz update me:) Cheers!